16 February 2012

GIF attempt #01

Most Tumblr GIF makers use Photoshop but since I kinda don't have that, I had to use Adobe Flash CS4 (Kirsty and Lady will know we're total pros at using this program now :D)

This is the result of my final product (click images for the animation):

It's so choppy right? =/ But this is what I gotta reduce it to, for tumblr :(

I have a totally new respect for tumblr GIF makers - this whole process is so time-consuming! And since this was my first time, I literally spent hours changing this and that just to get to this stage :S I made this not knowing GIFS are restricted to 256 bit colour (or something like that) so the very first result came out not pixelated or anything, but the colour was so ugly D: Anyhow I shall continue experimentation later xD

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