11 February 2012

Prank at Airport

My church friend was leaving for Indo this morning for a fortnight and I thought I'd keep him company :) I had a feeling it was his first time ever traveling alone, which gave me more reason to accompany him.. and i was right, it was actually his first time :O it must be pretty nerve wrecking for him, especially because he's not used to the whole process that Sydney airports use ><

The other reason why I wanted to go, was to prank him, and it was because after saying goodbye to him at the airport, I had to meet with a friend and give him back his PS3 which just happened to be in a luggage bag.. and thats when my genius idea of the prank came about =p At first when I tweeted him saying if I could accompany him, he was going 'sure' but didn't seem so convinced at my effort of wanting to do that. Yesterday, I told him 'i'll meet you at the airport with my luggage.. not kidding' and hey i really was telling the truth right?! xD

Anyway summing it up, I really, truly convinced him that I was traveling too, but to Canberra for 2 days, and that I didn't have to check in until 2-3 more hours! HIS REACTION WAS PRICELESS!! There was a hint of doubt here and there, but at times he really did believe my story. Although.. it did tumble a bit when he asked what I would be doing there and where i would be living, then he became slightly sus but kept saying 'i can't believe it.. really? REALLY?'

When we came to Customs, it was time to reveal all since I couldn't join him any further, and I finally showed him what was in my suitcase (the PS3) and explained my story. My mission was to leave a lasting impression on him before he left Sydney. Result? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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