27 March 2012

What career path now..?

Today felt like one of those days where interior design just wasnt my 'thing'. I mean the whole theory part.. is of nothing that interests me. And the idea of having to search for 'projects' to do for people makes the career not seem stable if you know what I mean? I want a job with fixed pay, full-time or whatever.

Then there's biology. I loooooove biology. That is to say, I love studying it. A career in biology.. not so much ): Well.. I'm not too sure yet, definitely might not go for anything that will upset my weak stomach (surgeon, nurse etc.) so I'm thinking lab work and research is better.

And I.T.. I'd love to work at an Apple Store come to think of it :O But lately I just haven't been concentrating in IPT lessons because the content work is so boring. And If I can't be serious about it at the moment, what makes me think I'll change my ways in uni and gain an enthusiasm for it? :S

Yeah, I'm a bit of a lost sheep at the moment.

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