23 May 2012

17 May 2012

You had my heart insideeeee ~~~~ of your hand. 

rolling in the deeeeppppppp ~~~

Heyy I just met you, and this is crazy, But here's my number, SO CALL ME MAYBE !

16 May 2012

Further Design Experimentations

Front View

Stage 1

Stage 2

Back View

(not sure whether to make the wood blocking go halfway across the front balcony or keep it at the sides only? opinions would be much appreciated!)

This is on the side only..

And.. this is crossing halfway at the front

13 May 2012

Ups and Downs of this week

This friday i went to my church's hills campus to attend a prayer service. really far away from home but totally worth it, we were able to pray and communicate to God all together as a church family :) i liked how while welas was talking about worship to me and jason, he referred to it as our own personal love song to God. i was already familiar with this concept but just hearing those simple words again was really thought-provoking. just like hearing simple words like 'God is great' can be enough to cause your heart to stir about in love, because, well its so true! :)

after the service jason and i had the privilage to stay over in kellyville for the night, much to the kind hospitality of ken who offered, and his parents who took out their time and effort to care for us ^^ he got to drive us and abi and ian home which i thought was pretty cool :D very similar to that feeling you get when one of your school friend drives you around hahaha. we were given some of keke's homemade food for dinner, which i liked x) then we all pretty much all stayed upstairs all night until 3am. ken and abi were gaming so i was left to playing card games with keke, jason and ian. we played cheat, 41 and this betting game. I was new to 41 and the betting game but it was REALLY really interesting - shoutout to my school friends group: we must attempt these games sometime during school lunchtimes!!
hmm.. what else.. i slept in keke's room for the night and hopefully she didnt see/hear any of my strange sleeping habits.. @__@ when i woke up i could hear her and her father practising the songs for the night's service. oh my goodness. if my family was as musical as theirs, it would be so cool ^^ makes me think i should do jamming sessions with my dad and sis sometime in the future.. hopefully :')
for breakfast i had coffee and got to try out her mum's kek lapis - sahhh good, as well made as the ones you can get from indo supermarkets x)
her mum invited me to go grocery shopping after that, and i really regret not going, because that couldve been potential bonding time :(
hmm.. i think that sums up my Friday and Saturday :) I was really happy to have gotten to know keke better, since theres no girls around my age at church. i really hope she comes to city campus more often :(

Heaps of bad things happened because I got into a lot of trouble with my parents straight after church ended on Friday, but its probably not worth talking about. decided to keep this post optimistic instead :)