30 July 2012

Screwed english paper 1 :(

I predict the following marks
Section I: 12/15
Section II: 10/15
Section III: 5/15

I am quite sure this is accurate.. I only spent 10 minutes on my essay (sadly)
I swear this is such a bad start to trials, and the only exam I'm looking forward to is Maths. Kind of ironic huh? I used to hate maths but now that I've gone through tons of past papers I feel slightly more confident xD

..anyhow I realised I haven't posted anything non-school related in a while, I'll try to see if I can come up with something ^^"


  1. ohh! :( dont say that! you probably will get waaaay better!!

    1. im not too sure about that, all my predictions are coming true, like for d&t and english :(