29 September 2012

Forgive me if I sound crazy

but is it normal to want to cry when you're annoyed because that feeling of being annoyed is so.. annoying? If that even makes sense :S

28 September 2012

Defs going to sleep well tonight x)

If Changmin can't sleep right next to me and sing me this lullaby, this is the next best thing :3

21 September 2012


My dad told me just then that he didn't care about me graduating.. and that he'd only congratulate me when I get accepted into university. No wonder he didn't say anything on Wednesday.

16 September 2012

Stuff I'd like to save up for ^^

Bass guitar + amp (no idea which brand/model though)
Guitar strap, stand and white fender picks with gold letter engravement
Calico Jack, Brenton Clay or JRK style Kiel James Patrick bracelet
Return to Tiffany heart tag toggle bracelet
iPod touch (5th gen)
Savings for Indo
Savings for uni
Savings for parents
K-ON! character figurines
Formal dress / shoes / bag
Laptop mint coloured shell case
Car (when I get my P's) xD