31 October 2012

This is horrible!! :(

I guess this is huge karma pay back for extremely poor organisational and time management skills but I submitted my uts IT scholarship form today (the due date) at 10pm hoping that they would electronically stop receiving forms by 12am on the deadline.. and it didn't go through.. I want to hit myself in the head so bad, I left this form open for months and worked on carefully planning my answers to the free response questions for ages (okay maybe for waaaaay too long) and now I just feel like shiet for leaving it to last minute. FML.. I think I totally deserve this though T__T well I emailed the person responsible for the form, moments after I failed to submit it.. I asked for a second chance but I can only 'hope for the best but expect the worst' :( I do deserve it after all..

My formal dress has arrived in the mail!

I still need to get it majorly tailored though, the train is so damn long that if I cut off the excess, the leftover would be enough to make a short curtain LOL & you know how my dress is meant to be short at the front, long at the back? the material folds over to the front so much that it pretty much 'hides' the shortness of the front and makes it look like a full floor-length gown! hahaha still got a loooong way to go. but overall KINDA happy with the look and all :)
If you wanna see a photo of it , whatsapp me ^^

20 October 2012

iTunes Update

I may have went a bit overboard and downloaded 3 albums today & 3 individual songs xD

15 October 2012

Being Nervous + Eating = Bad combination

A lot of people might not be able to relate to me for this, but there are these times where sometimes you get so nervous being around someone that you start becoming really self-conscious and end up not being able to function normally.. literally. Like maybe you get so nervous that you actually have to tell yourself how to walk! LOL
But the worst.. is when you're eating .__.
Even lifting up a spoon when eating can be the most difficult challenge in the world if you're nervous. That spoon can't quite.. reach your mouth, at least without looking like an idiot moving around a small silver object like it weighs so much more.

Hahaha.. oh man..

I'm such a dork .___."

Night Music

Is it just me or does music literally sound 150% better at night than at any other time of the day?
At first I thought it was because the actual external surroundings are quiet, allowing you to fully absorb the atmosphere of the music, but I tried this in a study booth once and it disproved this theory.. so yer..

13 October 2012


Some photos I took from a while back when I was searching for which dress colours suited me most =)

Blue - Forever New

Green - Zara

Beige - Forcast

Dark blue - Forcast

Same dress (slight back view)

Same dress (side view)

Lilac (colour didn't show well) - Forcast

Mint (blue/green) - Forcast

'After' HSC

Lately whenever someone proposes a non-educational activity, my saying is always this:
"After HSC. After HSC, THEN we can do it"
Ahhhh so frustrating D:
Anyhow. 'After' HSC I want to learn this! xD I haven't even finished learning Haruka by SCANDAL yet but its too hard so I might switch to this instead xD

09 October 2012

Kiel James Patrick bracelets

Posting these up so I can delete them from my desktop ^^"
My top three :D

1. Calico Jack

2. JFK

3. Brenton Cay

03 October 2012

Needa get a new mac

Google Chrome won't update any more cauz my software is too old.. darn it ==" even worse, updates for flash player won't work either - now every time I go to youtube or facebook I always get this notification saying that all vids/animations etc. using flash player are blocked cauz its out of date. Cheaper alternative is to just go purchase the new software but my mac is so old (in terms of macbook generation), might as well just get a new one LOL plus on ebay theres sah little cases available for the older macs, only the pros and macbook airs nowadays =/
Ahh.. there goes another thing to add to my list of stuff to save up for xD

01 October 2012


You see ads about this on TV and facebook but I actually tried it out and its not completely free but it's quite fun! similar to brain training on DS :) If I do decide to pursue neuroscience in uni, I'd love to work for a company like this as its both neuroscience and I.T related :D