21 November 2013

As Expected =="

So my prediction was right, I got a notification today that I have to take a supplementary chem exam ):
Looks like my holiday is delayed for another week..

20 November 2013

Summer Holidays!

So my last exam finished today and the long awaited 3 month holiday officially begins!
I wouldn't be too excited at the moment though, I think I might have to take a supplementary exam or two because of how poorly I did in the exams..

But with that out of the way, I spent the rest of my post-exam day watching a few episodes of Running Man, gaming, then finally starting to watch The Heirs (shout out to slee)! Oh my goodness, I'm so addicted lol It's 12:51am as I'm writing, and I'm still watching it! hahaha
And I've developed a liking to the handsome Lee Min Ho (late enough as it is). I mean I would always hear people saying they love him but I never caught on to the craze until now, I'd say. It's also my first drama I've watched with him in it, should I be ashamed? :S Oh besides Princess Hours Boys Over Flowers, but I only watched like 2 episodes of that before finding it terribly boring.

Oh! Umm onto something else, aren't these the best things ever?! I usually don't follow fashion trends because they're outright weird most of the time + expensive when in season. But these floral printed kimonos are so pretty! They're on ASOS for $70.24 but there's a 30% sale at the moment hehe ^__^

20 October 2013

PLL Nightmare

So I had a nightmare this morning that I was stalked, like in PLL, but worse because he was a male T__T Every where I turned and everywhere I would turn, he would be there, or he would pop up when I least expected it, waiting for me to be vulnerable just for one second. I remember I was so scared that I refused to let go of my mum's hand even for one second, scared that the moment she let go and turned her head away to do something, the stalker would grab me and take me away. I remember he captured me once but I managed to escape, so I ran home screaming to my parents about this stalker, and they believed me but I don't think they could do much for me except tell me that they'd always be there for me physically from that point on. There was this one scene where I was captured, had a gun and while his back was turned, I shot him a couple of times and when I saw he was down, I waited to confirm, then ran for my life out of the house he took hostage of me in, but when I reached the door, he was there, so angry he looked like he was gonna punch the lights out of me D: I swear I watch too much CSI, this happens all the time during episodes :/

But yeah, thats about it. I'm hesitating to watch this Halloween's PLL comeback now..

12 October 2013


So Pokemon X and Y got released today!
I would be excited but I realised I wasted so much money in the hype for it.. :S
Firstly I pre-ordered it so that I could get it exactly on the release date and not have to risk going to shop and having it sold out.. nup, turns out if I went at this time to buy it, there would still be copies!
Secondly, I paid an extra $4 for express shipping, also so didn't have to receive it like 3 days after the release date.. The release date is on a non-working day, so I won't even get it until Monday T__T
Lastly I pre-ordered it from EB for $60.00, when I could just get it at Big W $44.00..
I went with EB games because I wanted loyalty points on my card, but spending the extra money, when you come down to is, isnt really worth it.. how sad xD


04 October 2013

Mid-Sem Break + D&M Time

Long time no talk!
I've been wanting to blog so bad, but blogging literally takes up hours of my time just to write a short post (I'm perfectionist when it comes to choosing words to fit in and/or flow in a blog post).

Well it's midnight and there's a lot on my mind so here goes :)

Firstly: how have my holidays been?
Well.. my brain is dead, I've been doing absolutely nothing uni related.
I did a 6 hour work shift on Tuesday and Wednesday and today (Friday) will be an 8 hour shift. 
I dislike getting up early in the morning and having to travel for an hour to work, but once I get there, everything is pretty breezy from there.
I absolutely love my job, I think it really is a blessing. The pay is really respectable, for one. Second, a lot of people might not find looking at teeth all day interesting, but I think it's so cool, in a geeky, science, medical way. You can't help but feel kinda professional like a 'doctor in training', wearing all the gear, knowing all the technical terms etc. xD
From working with teeth all the time, I have a so much higher appreciation for dentists/assistants than before. I used to wonder why whenever I visit the dentist, what the point of suction was, if I constantly feel a pool of water rising at the back of my throat. But now being in the assistant's shoes, it turns out putting the suction that far back in their mouth would make them chock/gag :O Also, during dentist appointments, you can't exactly see what the dentist does in your mouth, you can only assume through the noise or feel that it makes. So I used to always wonder, "I wonder what this gel they're putting into my mouth is used for?" and.. now I know! I actually can't wait for my next dentist appointment now hahaha

Anyway so moving on, on Monday I went on a road trip! It was fairly simplistic, we just went to Port Kembla and made several pit stops along the way. I didn't feel completely comfortable/at ease because group members that I was closest with couldn't come, so I ended up being quite quiet/shy, especially because there were people there that I also didn't know. Regardless of that though, I still had a great time and a lot of nice photos were taken and memories were made! :) Evident on facebook lol.

On Thursday night (which was just a few hours ago), Aseq and Stefanus came to my house to do a sound recording of me playing bass, for a song that we're producing for our church. It was so cool! We had the professional technology to directly record the bass playing onto the laptop, where it was edited in a program similar to Garageband, but more professional xD The rest of the recorded instruments sound amazing! Later on Aseq said he wanted me to do backup vocal for the song as well - ahhhhhh
I don't know whether to be excited or nervous. I'm honoured to play a prominent role in the recording of our song, but in true, rock-hard, honesty, I don't know why they want me to sing - my singing voice is not great - I've rarely screamed/shouted in my entire life and as a result, my voice is really weak/soft.
Well I'll just go along with it for now. Other than that, I'm sooo excited for you guys to hear the final result, it will be sooo cool! From hearing the backing track so far, it sounds so good, think something similar to the stuff Alex Goot does hehe. This song recording is launching during my church's Christmas event, and will be broadcasted across all our branching churches in Indonesia, China etc.
Seriously so geed!

Anyway so that's my holidays summed up, and its already 1am so I should probably go to sleep now ):

I promise I'll get back to you on the deeper stuff! :)
Til then!

17 September 2013

1:30am Accomplishment

I've completed it!

So I've got this Japanese interaction test coming up this Thursday where my partner and I have to create a dialogue to present to the class (according to the topics given). Last semester we were given one topic to talk about, and that was final and decided, but now this semester, we're given two topics to present a dialogue on and we don't even know which one of the topics the teachers will ask us to present, until a few minutes before we perform! So basically, we have to create two ~5 min dialogues, only to use one!! D:

Today I created a dialogue for one of the topics all in one day (today) and I have to say, it's pretty damn good (jks) xD But seriously, I feel so accomplished from this, I really hope they choose the topic I wrote about.. :/

A lot of you guys have been wondering how my Japanese is going.. well here's my dialogue! It's representative of the grammar and vocab I learnt this past semester and a half (no google translate needed at all!), besides the fact that the vocab is only restricted to a particular topic (birthday, wishes, and what you'd do if you were rich).

Anyhow, enjoy ^^

You and your partner are at Sho’s birthday party.
Talk about your own birthday and other wishes as well as discussing what you two want for your birthday or what you did during your birthday this year. Then change the topic and discuss what you want to do if you were rich. Elaborate with reasons. Close the conversation by deciding what you want to drink/eat at the party.

Emily spots Jeff sitting by himself and texting.
She approaches him.

E: あれ!ジェフーさん?
Eh? Jeff? (Is that you?)

J: ああ、エミリーさん!おひさしぶり!ぐうぜんですねえ。
Ahh, Emily! Long time no see! What a coincidence.

E: そうですねえ。今何をしますか?
Indeed! What are you doing right now?

J: 今は?何もしませんけど。。
Right now? Nothing really..

E: ええ?どうして? ジェフーさんの友だちは どこに いますか?
Ehh? Why? Where’s your friends?

J: あのう。。友だちがありません。。
Uhh.. I don’t have any friends..

E: ええ?!ほんとうですか?
Ehhh?! Really?

J: なんてねえ!ぼくの友だちは ここにいます*が、明日のあさ テストがありますから(or あるので)、はやくかえりました。
Just kidding! My friend was here but he has a test tomorrow morning so he went home early.

E: ああ、そうですか。。じゃ、いしょうにパーティゲームをしませんか?
Ah, I see. In that case, do you want to play a party game?

J: ええ、ぜひ。どんなゲームがありますか?
Sure, I’d like to. What kind of games are there?

E: そうですね。。マリヨ カートも モノポリーも あります。どちらの方が好きですか?
Let’s see.. There is Mario Kart and Monopoly. Which one do you prefer/like?

J: モノポリーの方が好きです。
I like Monopoly more.

E: はい。じゃ (points to board game far away)、 あそこに 行きましょう!
Okay, let’s play!

(walks over to game)

E: ああ、このゲームが ほしいです!
Ahh for my birthday I really want this game!

J: そうですか。エミリーさんのおたんじょうびは いつ ですか?
Is that so. When is your birthday?

E: 私のたんじょうびは 十げつ 二十六日(にち) です。
My birthday is on October 26.

J: ああ、すぐに ですねえ。じゃ、おたんじょうびには モノポリーが かう*です。
Oh, that’s soon. Well then, I’ll buy it for your birthday.

E: ほんとうに?じゃ、おねがいします!ところで、 ジェフーさんのおたんじょうびは いつ ですか。
Really? Well then, I’ll leave it to you. By the way, when is your birthday?

J: 私のたんじょうびは 一月 二十一日 でした。
My birthday was on January 21.

E: ああ、そうですか。どうでしたか?
Ah I see. How was it?

J: たのしかったです。 
It was fun.

E: 何をしましたか?
What did you do?


E: いいですね。。(Turns attention back to game)
Sounds good.

E: わああ、みて!今 たくさんお金がある!
Wahh, look! Right now I have a lot of money!

J: えええ?! しんじない!!
Ehhhh? Impossible!

E: ああ。。いいですね。。お金もち をしたい*。。
Ahh, this is good. I wish I was rich.

J: お金もち だったら、何が したいですか?
What would you do if you were rich?

E: たくさん ゆうめいなくつが かう*!
I’d buy a lot of famous branded shoes!

J: ええ?どうして?へんな*。。
Ehh? Why? So strange..

E: おんなのこですから!
Because I’m a girl!

J: ああ、はい。わかりますた。。
Ahh, okay I understand.

E: じゃ、ジェフーさん、 お金もち だったら、何が したいですか?
What would you do if you were rich?

J: たくさん 高い*くるまが かう*!
Buy a lot of expensive cars!

E: ええ?どうして?へんな*。。
Ehh? Why? So strange..

J: おとこのひとですから!
Because I’m a guy!

E: (Sighs) はい、はい。わかりました。。
Okay, okay, I understand..

Hmm.. I’m thirsty.

Me too.

etc. etc.

(Haven't finished the closing lines, I'll do that tomorrow)

02 September 2013

Vanilla Sky + Lucid Dreaming

Seeing Vanilla Sky on TV right now makes me not want to lucid dream anymore :'(
The possibility of the line between dream and reality fading is a really scary thought and I would absolutely hate to go insane if that were to happen..


29 August 2013

26 August 2013

花見客 (Cherry Blossom Viewing) + Dyed Hair!

Hey guys!
It's been a while since I last updated on what's been happening.
I had an eventful weekend ^^

On Saturday I had youth group and we played basketball. My friend was able to come along and also there was another girl for the first time, so I got paired with her. She was in the basketball club at her collage so she was really good, and after 2 games, I had never felt so tired playing before ^^" I hope she comes along more often so I can learn from her xD

After that, I rushed home to freshen up before going with my family to Auburn Botanical Gardens to see the Sakura Festival! I first heard about it from an event that the UNSW NSA (Nippon Student Association) made to go there, but it was on a Sunday so I decided to go the day before instead =)
We arrived there really late so we missed on the mini events such as Japanese traditional music playing or origami workshops, but it was still super crowded with asian tourists. So busy that we had to queue if we wanted to take a photo in a specific spot xD

Anyway here are some of the pics I took on my phone (the rest are on my mum's camera which I'll go through sometime this week):

Was considering making one of the two last photos as my dp but in the end decided on the red gate one since these ones dont look Japanese :)

Lastly for Saturday, when I came home, I decided to dye my hair :D It's still dark under artificial light, but super brown when I'm out in the sun. I don't have a photo at the moment but I'll see if I can take one sometime.

Other than that, that's it for the week! :D I'm off to my first class now ^^

23 August 2013

Mini Printer

I know these have been out for some time already, but how cool does it look?
It's like a fusion of a regular printer and a polaroid camera xD
I searched up the price and it was $181, goodness knows how much the ink and film/paper costs though xD

*edit: oo apparently you dont need ink! exactly like a polaroid, just need the special paper :D

13 August 2013

I want to see EXO ):

Ever since having that dream, I can't stop thinking about it and wishing it was real xD
I really want to go to their concert now if they ever have one in Sydney! I bet it'll be sold out in like 1 minute though, then sold on ebay for at least triple the normal price -__-
I hope to meet a Luhan or D.O look-a-like and befriend them one day :( Kai looks more like the popular guys, way too out of my league haha xD

12 August 2013

I met TVXQ and EXO!

..in my dreams, that is @__@
So this post is yet another dream diary update on what I dreamt about this morning and the morning before.
For those who only recently followed me, I do like noting my dreams down as part of my training to lucid dreaming and I feel like I'm getting closer! I'm also an avid believer of the deeper meaning behind dreams. After all, God communicated to many people in the bible through dreams :)

Anyway so this morning (I always remember the dreams I have around 6-7am) I had a very realistic dream that I went to a K-Pop concert with Selena. The vibe felt familiar to the K-Pop Fest concert that Connie and I went to, because near the end of the concert I dreamt about, the K-Pop stars all headed back on stage to take a bow.
At that time, the audience had already cleared up and there were only 50 or so people who stayed back to watch the ending. I decided to seize the opportunity to talk, take a picture with or whatever with some of the K-Pop stars xD
Luckily enough, once the stars finished changing to casual clothes, instead of sneaking out to the back of the venue, out of reach of fans, and into their vans, they came back out onto where the stage was and hopped off, to head back to their hotels or grab a bite to eat.
This is the part where Selena disappeared and I was left to chase after my Changmin xD
When I found him alone, with Yunho no where to be found, I ran up to him and asked if I could take a photo with him, but since I knew he couldnt understand English, I was like, "Photo. Please?" xD He kept rejecting me and shaking his hands at me, trying to avoid me like I was a saesang fan :( I think he was in a rush somewhere and had no time to stop and take a photo? But yeah my tone wasn't crazy, there was a big hint of excitement in my voice but I was screaming or anything, which made me disappointed that he couldn't even stop for a quiet true fan xD But I kept persisting and he eventually gave in, so I excitedly handed my camera over to a random nearby asking them to take a photo of me and Changmin. When given the camera back, Changmin had already walked off but I was already bubbly excited that I got a photo with him, so I pressed the 'view photos' button to admire the photo. And.. to my shock, the person who took the photo only took the photo of Changmin, with me cut off! D: I already lost sight of Changmin by then, so I tried to just navigate and search for him again, but I took my time because I knew I needed to give him some space before I persued him again xD
Anyway, after 4 mins of walking around trying to find him, I blindly bump into an EXO member! I don't remember which member it was because his face wasn't familiar to me, but I just remember he was cute and had the usual K-Pop male idol good-looking kind of aura. (Now that I look through the profiles of EXO, I think it would've either been Xiu Min or Luhan!)
Anyway whoever it was, he was so incredibly kind to me. I forgot this part but I think it started off with both of us apologising when I bumped into him. He then asked me if I was lost and that's when I looked up at his face and was surprised and said "oh you're from EXO!", not exactly answering his question haha. But yeah he replied back in English with a yes and we both walked together asking each other questions like two normal people would do when they're getting to know each other. He asked me who the pretty girl I was with before was, and I said Selena. I remember asking him if he understood English and he said no, he could only understand Korean and Chinese, yet his English knowledge was enough to sustain a long conversation with me? It was kind of like a fob english xD But yeah, near the end of our conversation he asked me if I wanted to join him and the other EXO members for lunch, as that was where they were headed to anyway. So I said yes ^^ It was only when we reached the restaurant that I saw the other members and got introduced to everyone. They were all so, so kind and treated me like a little sister xD I think it was because I was a respectful fan, I treated them like a normal person, but just one that I admire. Like instead of screaming out, "OMGSH ITS EXO!!! I LOVE YOU!!!" I just calmly went "Hey, nice to meet you! I'm a fan of you guys and your music ^^"And I think they liked that because I know they have a rough time with saesang fans, who just shoving the EXO members and stalk them everywhere. Anyway continuing on, I chatted and had lunch with them and at the same time, I saw all the other K-Pop idols sitting at surrounding tables eating at the same restaurant, but that didn't matter because it only meant one thing, and that was that Changmin was there xD And yes, I did spot him 2-3 tables away from EXO, and he glanced at me and at first looked shocked seeing me again but the more he glanced in my direction out of curiosity, the more he had a 'regretful' look in his eyes like he shouldn't have pushed me away so quickly ^^"
Anyway, after the lunch, I decided it was time to go since they all looked like they wanted to head back to their hotel and it would be selfish to want to stay with them all the time, so I thought now it would be a good time to say goodbye by taking a photo with some of the EXO members. Of course the first pic I took was with Xiu Min / Luhan (whoever was in my dream) because it was because of him that it all happened xD The photo we took was rly friendly, he had his arm around my shoulder like we were friends hehe. After him, I looked around for Kai and D.O since they are my biases xD But I didn't want it to be obvious that I had biases, so I decided to take a photo with the group as a whole to be fair =P
And it was after that photo that I thanked all the guys and said my goodbyes.
Changmin glanced my way the whole time, since the EXO guys were the loudest anyway. And I looked him wondering if I should ask him for a photo again. This part is really vague because I woke up around this time, but I think I contemplated not approaching him again as it would be embarrassing, but in the end I did, and tried to explain to him how the last photo we took didnt turn out well. As he couldnt understand English, I just explained myself anyway, showing him the photo and hoping he'd understand xD My dream ended there and I dunno if I did end up getting a pic with him o.o

Whew and yeah, that was my dream this morning! I think the reason why I'm able to explain it in such detail is because it felt pretty real xD I remember some stuff really clearly, like the whole environment where it took place, and bits and pieces of dialogue. I was also able to control aspects of the dream, feeling like I was in control of the events that happened. Possible lucid dream! :D I think when you lucid dream though, when the dream first starts off, you can't control the very beginning, like where it's set, what's happening at that moment etc. So basically where the dream starts off is not in your control, but all your interactions between the environment and people can be controlled once the 'setting' has taken place.

Lucid dreaming is awesome but sometimes I wonder if it can be a bad thing, blurring the lines between reality and a dream. And how it is some form of escapism, I mean I woke up to my alarm at 6am feeling horrible because of my blocked nose and sore throat (reality) so I turned it off before I started dreaming that dream and 'escaping reality'. Perhaps if I get sick of reality, would I cut off real time to spend more time in a dream world? It sounds crazy now but it could be true one day, who knows lol.

On the other side, the morning before today, I had another dream but it was a nightmare LOL. May talk about it tomorrow in brief detail since I already forgot bits and pieces of it :S

10 August 2013


Well it's been a long and tough battle and I nearly made it through, but in the end I did eventually catch the cold :( I must admit though, I did pull through in the most challenging moments, I was constantly surrounded by people with the cold but its only now that it happened!
As much as I'm really disappointed that I didn't fulfil my goal, at least I know I tried ^^"

09 August 2013

August Post

Hey guys!
Ahhh right now my brain is just so overloaded with stuff I want to blog about..
But I just can't seem to 'put my pen down on paper' or find a way to 'express my thoughts on paper' or.. whatever popular saying strikes your fancy lol. 
I have about 7 post drafts that I made, solely within this week only. It's so frustrating!
I made a gif that expresses my current mood perfectly:

Well anyway I might as well start by write one thing on my mind xD

It's been a while since I last updated my 'tools' and I feel like sometime soon I want to go on a makeup haul and upgrade a few of my tools.

Here are some products I am tossing up between buying / am thinking of trying out:
Liquid eyeliners: Dolly Wink, K-Palette or stick with Loreal Super Liner (current eyeliner)
Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura or Shiseido
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash

Optional products I'd like to try out someday: Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 and any brand makeup brush set.

29 July 2013

Sem 2 - First Day

I won't talk too much about this because I made myself an aim to try to keep blog posts less school orientated and more interesting for you all, with reviews, dramas and what not :)
Is it working? Do you guys find it more interesting to read? Let me know what I should talk more/less about in the comments! :)

But anyway I only had 2 classes today, first one was Jap 1B and can I tell you that the class size (compared to Jap 1A) has dramatically dropped by like 75%, the class has shrunken so much now! If there was 400 students in 1A, theres now 100 students in 1B haha.  But its most likely because most people took 1A as a general elective. I mean who doesnt want to learn a language to fill credit space? xD I met someone new called Patty, at first impression I thought she was Korean but she's actually Chinese (international student in her 3rd year, graduating in 2 semesters)!
I probably made a really bad impression though, when we introduced ourselves in Jap I couldn't hear her name properly so whenever we had to converse in Jap, I avoided saying her name. Then there were conversation lines that involved speaking each other's name so I had to ask her for her name lol. 5 minutes later we're asked to speak to each other again, and I forgot her name (so embarrasing) so from the top of my head I called her 'Bekki' but I mumbled it so much, hoping she wouldn't catch it lol. In an effort not to embarrass myself again, I asked if we could add each other on fb, hoping I'd get to see her typing her name in the search bar on fb. She used her account instead and got me to write my name. At first I panicked because I couldn't see her name anywhere, but I ended up seeing it!
Sigh.. I have the worst memory with names/birthdays. EVER. -__-"
But yeah anyway, I'm excited that I made a new friend on the first day. Feels good that people seem to find me approachable hehe xD

Then I had PSYC1011 and managed to find my friend Aisha from Jap! :D Unlike Jap, the students for this course seemed exactly the same as last sem. Seems like psyc is really popular lol. After class we got to hang for about an hour and a half. I really liked it ^__^

Since I was done for the day, I went on an outing with Joy and the rest, to the city to have lunch and go to karaoke (which I havent gone to.. for AGES!) I met someone new called Irene, who happens to be doing Jap as well, but in Macquarie. The outing was fun, especially since we havent seen each other since hols practically started lol. We sung for about 3 hours I think, majority English but we spared half an hr for Kpop and Jpop.
I feel so proud that I can read some Japanese, though I tried singing a Jap song and it didnt work out. But I feel so excited because once I improve in reading Jap really fast, I can start singing songs in K! Can't wait for that day to come =P

Anyway to end this post, while we were hanging in QVB, I saw this jacket that looked so nice! It's really expensive though, but I'm considering buying it.. maybe? haha. It looks so much better in real life, but heres a pic:

It reminds me of those green parkas.. except in a pretty baby blue colour! And in real life, the jacket suits a soft flowy image perfectly (reminds you of those fresh light white linen sheets you find on hotel beds). It may not look like it in the pic but it is! :) Anyhow, its from Seed and its $150.
Pricey but I guess it doesnt hurt to try having one valuable piece in my wardrobe right? :D

Edit: Apparently the term 'anorak' is actually used to describe this style of jacket! With that in mind, I actually managed to find more cheaper options:

^ kind of more of a diff look altogether in terms of colour, but I love the zipper detailing on the back collar!

22 July 2013

New Favourite Fashion/Makeup Guru!

I found a new favourite fashion/makeup guru called Kim Dao, after searching up a natural Japanese makeup tutorial. She's really pretty, the fashion she posts is really cute and her blog posts are really interesting. After seeing her post of her trip in Japan it made me less patient to go on exchange there :(

I realise most of the fashion she wears is from Liz Lisa which is typically really feminine and asian. Lately my fashion has been Western and plain/simple but I feel like I'm being influenced to be more feminine again haha. Problem is asian fashion here is so expensive since its mainly imported :/
But yeah we'll see :D I actually don't like having an overly feminine image, although I used to like it in the past, nowadays I'm more of the type of girl that likes being seen as 'one of the guys' - that way I feel that guys are more comfortable around having me as just someone to hang around with rather than someone they have to be polite/self-conscious around.

Anyway back to Kim, I heard she visited the anime expo in LA and was helping out with the Liz Lisa popup store there! She posted something about near the end of last year about Liz Lisa coming to Sydney but it was very vague and a long time ago so I don't even know if I missed it already lol. 
Since she studies in Perth (at first I assumed she lived in America) do you think she'll come down to Syd for the anime expo? :O Even better, do you think there will be a Liz Lisa popup store there? I highly doubt it though, its not on the list of vendors that will be there :(

Speaking of anime expos, I've been meaning to go to one since ages ago - do you guys remember the post I wrote ages ago on cosplay outfits I wanted to wear? And yeah the tickets are only $29 at the moment, so cheap! I probably won't cosplay since SMASH is actually sooner than I thought on 10 Aug, plus I want to buy merchandise even if its super expensive lol. Ahhh I haven't even asked anyone to go with me at the moment, but I want to buy a ticket now anyway! xD I guess I can always just give it to someone else if I find out I can't go? Does anyone want to go with me?! It'll be my first anime expo ever, plus its at Darling Harbour convention centre, super convenient location!! :D

Anyway I should probably study now T__T
Useful Links: 

And a screenshot from my favourite youtube vid from her:

21 July 2013

Last Episode!

AHHH the last episode of イタズラなKiss is finally out!!
I'm so excited to watch it!!
15 eps have already passed and the two main characters arent even together yet! LOL
Ep 15 ended on a really sad note so I have confidence that there will be a complete turn around in the final one xD


So I just finished watching the final episode and OMGSH its SO rushed but somehow it didnt disappoint!! they fit so much cute moments in one episode =P
The look on Irie-kun's face about what he just realised, when it starts raining at that moment, and the background music (for once) all fit together so perfectly, my eyes became watery at this part :')
And then 'the' moment (that everyone watching the drama anticipated for) was so 'awwwww' xD
My favourite line: "You don't need to count anymore"
The towel part was pretty cute too!! ^^
Lastly, the look on Irie-kun's face when she walked through the door, it looked like he was gonna lose his sh-- and gulped, but then was like in his head, 'omgsh gotta keep calm', that expression was really cute xD

Ahhh seeing as this drama JUST finished airing, it would mean I have to wait so long before they make a second season, and if they even make a second season, which I really really hope they do, like with ISWAK 2 :) But yeah ahhhh I wont know for sure until news comes up about the production of it xD

I really really want to post all the stills of the cute moments but I tried to make this post as spoiler-free as possible for anyone who wants to watch it. If you are watching it, let me know!! I feel like talking about it with someone hahaha ^^

18 July 2013

イタズラな Kiss (New Japanese Remake)

The past few days have been a mix of studying and watching dramas xD
I was considering re-watching the Taiwanese It Started With A Kiss drama online since the last time I watched it was ages ago on DVD (as usual, with dodgy subtitles), but while I was searching through nostalgic images last time I saw the drama, I came across what seemed like a new Japanese remake called イタズラな Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo, though I didn't know exactly how new it was, I decided to watch that one instead. Little did I know, it's so recent that the recording of episodes is currently still ongoing! I didn't even realise it until halfway through watching the drama, where I decided to look up how many episodes I had left to watch xD

The drama is about an 'opposites attract' kind of love relationship where an unintelligent but optimistic high school girl called Kotoko falls in love with the smartest and most handsome but 'cold' guy called Naoki (better known as Irie-kun).
I would explain it in further detail but if you watch the first episode, you should already get what the drama will be about ^^

There were a few disappointments that I found with this new remake:
- Personally I found Kotoko's actress a bit too optimistic and uncomfortably awkward around Irie-kun, I would've liked if she was a little bit more serious lol. She's pretty though, and you have to admit, she suits her character very well.
- The soundtrack for the drama is also not that great.
- Overall I would've liked if the drama was a little more serious when it needed to be. I mean even in serious scenes like rushing someone to hospital, you still get a sense of happiness/comedic atmosphere?

Regardless of the cons, there's a reason why this drama, adapted from the original manga, has so many remakes (2 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese and 1 Korean)! The storyline is interesting and although it follows the storyline of most typical dramas, you always can't help feeling really happy when there's cute moments between the two characters xD

I was quietly incredibly happy at the ending of Episode 10, I totally didn't expect 'that' hahahaha

As usual some screenshots to end this post :)

Something really strange on a sidenote, when I first saw the lead male actor in the drama, one of my friends came to mind, because they somehow look similar (don't know if it was the eyes or jawline). I only met them once or twice and it was years ago though.
Anyway, I watched an episode of this drama before heading out to borrow books from a library. When I went out of the library I saw that friend!! o__o I didn't have the courage to say hi to him because I was really stunned a little bit. Coincidentally we also caught the same bus lol
Can't help but think its funny for something like that to happen xD

Aquarium [Picture Heavy]

Yesterday I got a chance to catch up with my friend from my Japanese course and I got to go to the Sealife Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour! Some of the photos I took were because the lighting in the tank was really pretty :)