28 January 2013

One Step Ahead

So as you all know, this year after arriving back in Sydney, I was planning to quit my job to much of my relief. But.. my workplace went one step ahead of me and actually ended my employment without my consent. To be honest, I should be happy, it means I don't have to face my manager and give her a note myself and go through her pleas of wanting me to stay (the reason why I couldn't quit ages ago), but honestly I'm just surprised, that's all. 
I think the reason why what happened actually happened was because I didn't even tell my manager when I would be back (I avoided telling her because I didn't want her calling me up and asking me to work straight away) and so she probably thought I was already in Sydney ages ago and never bothered to call or turn up asking for shifts again?
Anyhow, this is how I found out. Censored my surname just for security reasons but I think its on my blogger profile anyway. Just being internet safe :)

This is actually not the first time it happened, first time happened when I took a long break from work during the pre-HSC period and they sent me the exact same email, but as soon as I finished my HSC they called me up like nothing happened and asked me to work again! At that time I didn't end up filling in the exit interview, so maybe that's why I ended up working again, but I don't know.
This time round I'm filling it out!
Hmm.. it'll be hard finding a new job though, especially with my already hectic timetable, the only possible time I could work would be after my classes, and that would mean doing only night shifts or 6am opening shifts D: Plus it's the start of the year, Christmas casuals would have probably replaced the staff who ended up quitting or something. So where do I get my income? :O

Bad Dream

Early in the morning at around 6am I had a shockingly realistic nightmare that should've been a good dream if it had involved different people.. As the dreamer I saw the scenario as a spectator but I saw two other views as well: one of those views was of course from my own eyes - I was able to control my actions, emotions and inner thoughts. The other view was really shocking though, I was able to see how the other person saw me (both mentally and physically) however I wasn't able to control their actions/thoughts at all. Man it was haunting the way that that person thought of me, and the scary part is that I think they really think of me like that in reality. Im actually praying to God that this doesn't mean what I think it means :( but God, if it's my fate, then please allow me to see it again in tonight's dream.. If it happens again, then I trust that this is Your plan for me..

27 January 2013

Getting Graphical

So I've been revamping my blog and experimenting with my blog titles/bckgrnds by just using Pages.
(yep, was bored.. and came up with tons of slight variations)
Get a bit more creative with each one:

Original (no design)

Design #1

Design #2
Design #3 (Does not have to be this image, just got the idea from my background)

Design #4
And then just colour / mood / image / shape variations

The hipster triangle makes an appearance :)

After creating the title, kinda decided to go all the way and design my background as well. I only really had one idea centered around the novel, "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower", copied the famous part off the pdf version, then just played around with the colour scheme:

Previous background

25 January 2013

Retail.. something

So the past few days have been suuuuper hectic, I've been staying over at my aunt's house in Kelapa Gading since Monday night and over a period of 4 days, there hasn't been a day where I haven't gone out, and that will continue for another 1-2 days I think lol.

I have bought tons of clothes: about 7+ tops (majority are just casual simple printed tops though), 2 packs of underwear, 1 jumper, 1 jacket and 1 dress. All together I think I spent only $85 :) the most expensive piece would have to be the jumper which comes from Pull and Bear, kind of the equivalent to Topshop Topman but the thing is my friend paid for it! All together I saved $65, mainly thanks to my friend's generosity xD

Hey I don't think they have Pull and Bear in aus yet, do they? neither do they have forever 21, marks and spencers, etude house or missha, yet surprisingly they have it here! the shopping scene here is indeed crazy lol, definitely more than aus. in the city we have one major 'luxury' mall - Westfield in Pitt st, but in the city here, there are like approx. 5 luxury malls (and in close proximity of each other too). no wonder indo is known to be macet ('busy traffic') all the time haha

21 January 2013

Camera Searching

So since there's nothing really productive to do here at the moment, I've decided to go searching for my own camera ^__^
I'm actually quite a fan of my mum's camera because of it's front facing screen but she bought that camera aaaages ago and I'm thinking there must be better ones out there now right..?
There's barely any camera offering that function =="
I did find this one though, which has a 180 degree back screen that can flip to the front and give you a much bigger/better front screen view compared to my mum's camera :D
This one is the Samsung 800 MV

It comes at an affordable price (~$200), has touch screen interface, is 16 MPs and comes in white! Ever since I saw how pretty the white iphone 4 is compared to the black one, ive become a white product convert xD though I don't own anything white so far =/

I think the only downside to it is that more modern cameras have a Wi-Fi feature which allows you to use your camera like a phone and actually send the pictures you take to other electronic devices. This feature was too good to not ignore so I did look at other options (all with no front facing screen though..) Simply typed in something along the lines of 'modern white camera' and this was the prettiest looking one that came up (yep, going for aesthetics rather than quality haha)
This one is the Samsung NX 1000

More than double the price of the MV 800, its ~$700 (but includes the lens), but has 20.3 MPs, of course is more sophisticated and better looking, touch screen, Wi-Fi function and has received quite decent reviews on the internet. You're probably thinking with a camera as expensive as this, might as well get a cheap Canon/Nikon DSLR, but its too mainstream. Bad side to this camera is that with its sophistication comes heaviness and lack of compactness, compared to the previous camera. To me, compactness and lightness is pretty important for easy portability.

So in conclusion, probably just going for a cheap upgrade from my mum's camera, the first option is best :) Though I do really want that Wi-Fi function too :( Maybeh considering getting an iphone 4S just for the camera, since my friend raves how good the camera quality is. The photos they upload to instagram are really amazing considering they came from a camera phone, so who knows :)

20 January 2013

Heinz Spaghetti Cans = Childhood

Okay this is gonna sound strange, what I'm about to talk about, but in all honestly its one of my best childhood memories LOL
I remember as a kid I loved this food so much that I would actually set up a make-pretend store in my house under the dining table and creating a counter using the chairs. I would then stick a menu on one of the chairs with the prices haha.
My sis was of course my very loyal customer (and my one and only sadly) and the only food that would be sold was.. you guessed it. Heinz spaghetti :D But not just into any ordinary bowl, it had to be in the specific blue bowl (that I still have to this day lol), because that blue bowl just made it taste 100x better. It even had a matching blue fork to go with it :D But I don't think I have the fork anymore :( And to top it all off, it had to had parmesan cheese, and on rare occasions, mozzarella, no other cheese ^^
Anyway I don't know why I'm talking about this, maybe because I'm eating it right now in Indo but can still reminisce about it and remember it in 100% detail xD When I get back to Syd I can't do it for the lols anymore, the dining table isnt the same anymore :(  

19 January 2013

In a land not so far from home

Hey everyone! I apologise for being super lazy these past two months and not writing a single update on my doings in indo, but now that I found out how to use my phone's internet as a wifi spot, I can finally be slightly more cyber active :D

Ah where to start.. @__@

Well in general I've been traveling heaps around Indo - throughout these two months here's how it went: Sydney to Jakarta, Jakarta to Purwokerto, Purwokerto to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bandung, Bandung to Purwokerto, Purwokerto to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bogor, Bogor to Jakarta, (and most recently) Jakarta to Kupang and from Kupang back to Jakarta.

From Jakarta to Purwokerto I took an 8hr train ride, Bandung to Purwokerto a 12 hour car ride (yep, literally, due to road flooding and traffic), Jakarta to Bogor 4 hour car ride, and from Jakarta to Kupang a 2 hour flight.

I hope the above explicit description is enough to show an indicator of my constant traveling here xD

I don't know if the news in Sydney has broadcasted this, but there is severe flooding in Indo at the moment. Every time I turn on the TV, updates on the floods are practically all I see. I think the most severe one is at this place called Grogol (not too far from where I live), where the flood has reached up to nearly 1m :O I actually had to pass the area on the way home from the airport and I saw people there getting around using boats and some people were even hitching a ride on big trucks and that. There's a blackout too and I could see parked cars actually floating up and down on the water, its terrible :( My dad took a photo on his cam but I can't copy the photos here since my mac cant read it.

In regards to shopping, surprisingly I haven't bought much! Here's a list of stuff I accumulated (both as gifts and stuff I bought):
- 5 dresses
- 1 pair of shorts
- 1 shirt
- 1 pair of jeans
- 1 skirt
- 3 shoes
- 2 scarves
- 1 wallet
- 2 bags
- A few DVDs
- 1 music CD
- A watch

And.. thats all ^__^ Not much, and tbh I've already worn two of the clothes and one of shoes several times and may have already gotten bored of wearing them lol. Now that I have nothing else to do here but wait to go back to Sydney, I might as well shop some more ^^"

I saved the best for last.. something that not many people may have known about, but from the 14th - 17th January I went on a voluntary church mission to Kupang in NTT :) The experience was really amazing and a challenging one at the same time. Personally for myself, my relationship with God was strengthened through the mission by being able to experience giving a testimony and preaching for the first time, seeing the enormous amount of people gathering at church just to hear the word of God (over 500+!) and seeing some of the children there really passionate in their faith. There was a lot of teamwork involved when we packaged together gift packs for the 500+ children but in all it was something that strengthened our bond with one another. We visited a lot of schools and churches and simply just shared God's word and giving.
Words can't really describe the experience so if you're interested in knowing more about it, visit me at my church :D we filmed most of the mission and took heaps of photos and are now in the process of being put together into a documentary or short film :)