28 January 2013

Bad Dream

Early in the morning at around 6am I had a shockingly realistic nightmare that should've been a good dream if it had involved different people.. As the dreamer I saw the scenario as a spectator but I saw two other views as well: one of those views was of course from my own eyes - I was able to control my actions, emotions and inner thoughts. The other view was really shocking though, I was able to see how the other person saw me (both mentally and physically) however I wasn't able to control their actions/thoughts at all. Man it was haunting the way that that person thought of me, and the scary part is that I think they really think of me like that in reality. Im actually praying to God that this doesn't mean what I think it means :( but God, if it's my fate, then please allow me to see it again in tonight's dream.. If it happens again, then I trust that this is Your plan for me..

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