21 January 2013

Camera Searching

So since there's nothing really productive to do here at the moment, I've decided to go searching for my own camera ^__^
I'm actually quite a fan of my mum's camera because of it's front facing screen but she bought that camera aaaages ago and I'm thinking there must be better ones out there now right..?
There's barely any camera offering that function =="
I did find this one though, which has a 180 degree back screen that can flip to the front and give you a much bigger/better front screen view compared to my mum's camera :D
This one is the Samsung 800 MV

It comes at an affordable price (~$200), has touch screen interface, is 16 MPs and comes in white! Ever since I saw how pretty the white iphone 4 is compared to the black one, ive become a white product convert xD though I don't own anything white so far =/

I think the only downside to it is that more modern cameras have a Wi-Fi feature which allows you to use your camera like a phone and actually send the pictures you take to other electronic devices. This feature was too good to not ignore so I did look at other options (all with no front facing screen though..) Simply typed in something along the lines of 'modern white camera' and this was the prettiest looking one that came up (yep, going for aesthetics rather than quality haha)
This one is the Samsung NX 1000

More than double the price of the MV 800, its ~$700 (but includes the lens), but has 20.3 MPs, of course is more sophisticated and better looking, touch screen, Wi-Fi function and has received quite decent reviews on the internet. You're probably thinking with a camera as expensive as this, might as well get a cheap Canon/Nikon DSLR, but its too mainstream. Bad side to this camera is that with its sophistication comes heaviness and lack of compactness, compared to the previous camera. To me, compactness and lightness is pretty important for easy portability.

So in conclusion, probably just going for a cheap upgrade from my mum's camera, the first option is best :) Though I do really want that Wi-Fi function too :( Maybeh considering getting an iphone 4S just for the camera, since my friend raves how good the camera quality is. The photos they upload to instagram are really amazing considering they came from a camera phone, so who knows :)


  1. Have you Had a look at the Sony Nex-7?
    It's an extremely well built camera if you want a compact with good quality and the flip screen. tbh, the wifi function isn't exactly important if you're thinking of editing your photos for better colour/clarity/enhance the images

    1. oh, no haven't seen that camera yet but will do :) thankyou :D