27 January 2013

Getting Graphical

So I've been revamping my blog and experimenting with my blog titles/bckgrnds by just using Pages.
(yep, was bored.. and came up with tons of slight variations)
Get a bit more creative with each one:

Original (no design)

Design #1

Design #2
Design #3 (Does not have to be this image, just got the idea from my background)

Design #4
And then just colour / mood / image / shape variations

The hipster triangle makes an appearance :)

After creating the title, kinda decided to go all the way and design my background as well. I only really had one idea centered around the novel, "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower", copied the famous part off the pdf version, then just played around with the colour scheme:

Previous background


  1. aw nomo you're so cute! I like the 8th and 10th one. But they all look non-basic-app-like :)