20 January 2013

Heinz Spaghetti Cans = Childhood

Okay this is gonna sound strange, what I'm about to talk about, but in all honestly its one of my best childhood memories LOL
I remember as a kid I loved this food so much that I would actually set up a make-pretend store in my house under the dining table and creating a counter using the chairs. I would then stick a menu on one of the chairs with the prices haha.
My sis was of course my very loyal customer (and my one and only sadly) and the only food that would be sold was.. you guessed it. Heinz spaghetti :D But not just into any ordinary bowl, it had to be in the specific blue bowl (that I still have to this day lol), because that blue bowl just made it taste 100x better. It even had a matching blue fork to go with it :D But I don't think I have the fork anymore :( And to top it all off, it had to had parmesan cheese, and on rare occasions, mozzarella, no other cheese ^^
Anyway I don't know why I'm talking about this, maybe because I'm eating it right now in Indo but can still reminisce about it and remember it in 100% detail xD When I get back to Syd I can't do it for the lols anymore, the dining table isnt the same anymore :(  

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