19 January 2013

In a land not so far from home

Hey everyone! I apologise for being super lazy these past two months and not writing a single update on my doings in indo, but now that I found out how to use my phone's internet as a wifi spot, I can finally be slightly more cyber active :D

Ah where to start.. @__@

Well in general I've been traveling heaps around Indo - throughout these two months here's how it went: Sydney to Jakarta, Jakarta to Purwokerto, Purwokerto to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bandung, Bandung to Purwokerto, Purwokerto to Jakarta, Jakarta to Bogor, Bogor to Jakarta, (and most recently) Jakarta to Kupang and from Kupang back to Jakarta.

From Jakarta to Purwokerto I took an 8hr train ride, Bandung to Purwokerto a 12 hour car ride (yep, literally, due to road flooding and traffic), Jakarta to Bogor 4 hour car ride, and from Jakarta to Kupang a 2 hour flight.

I hope the above explicit description is enough to show an indicator of my constant traveling here xD

I don't know if the news in Sydney has broadcasted this, but there is severe flooding in Indo at the moment. Every time I turn on the TV, updates on the floods are practically all I see. I think the most severe one is at this place called Grogol (not too far from where I live), where the flood has reached up to nearly 1m :O I actually had to pass the area on the way home from the airport and I saw people there getting around using boats and some people were even hitching a ride on big trucks and that. There's a blackout too and I could see parked cars actually floating up and down on the water, its terrible :( My dad took a photo on his cam but I can't copy the photos here since my mac cant read it.

In regards to shopping, surprisingly I haven't bought much! Here's a list of stuff I accumulated (both as gifts and stuff I bought):
- 5 dresses
- 1 pair of shorts
- 1 shirt
- 1 pair of jeans
- 1 skirt
- 3 shoes
- 2 scarves
- 1 wallet
- 2 bags
- A few DVDs
- 1 music CD
- A watch

And.. thats all ^__^ Not much, and tbh I've already worn two of the clothes and one of shoes several times and may have already gotten bored of wearing them lol. Now that I have nothing else to do here but wait to go back to Sydney, I might as well shop some more ^^"

I saved the best for last.. something that not many people may have known about, but from the 14th - 17th January I went on a voluntary church mission to Kupang in NTT :) The experience was really amazing and a challenging one at the same time. Personally for myself, my relationship with God was strengthened through the mission by being able to experience giving a testimony and preaching for the first time, seeing the enormous amount of people gathering at church just to hear the word of God (over 500+!) and seeing some of the children there really passionate in their faith. There was a lot of teamwork involved when we packaged together gift packs for the 500+ children but in all it was something that strengthened our bond with one another. We visited a lot of schools and churches and simply just shared God's word and giving.
Words can't really describe the experience so if you're interested in knowing more about it, visit me at my church :D we filmed most of the mission and took heaps of photos and are now in the process of being put together into a documentary or short film :)


  1. Emily! That actually sounds so so so so soooo amazing! You're so lucky!!!!!