28 January 2013

One Step Ahead

So as you all know, this year after arriving back in Sydney, I was planning to quit my job to much of my relief. But.. my workplace went one step ahead of me and actually ended my employment without my consent. To be honest, I should be happy, it means I don't have to face my manager and give her a note myself and go through her pleas of wanting me to stay (the reason why I couldn't quit ages ago), but honestly I'm just surprised, that's all. 
I think the reason why what happened actually happened was because I didn't even tell my manager when I would be back (I avoided telling her because I didn't want her calling me up and asking me to work straight away) and so she probably thought I was already in Sydney ages ago and never bothered to call or turn up asking for shifts again?
Anyhow, this is how I found out. Censored my surname just for security reasons but I think its on my blogger profile anyway. Just being internet safe :)

This is actually not the first time it happened, first time happened when I took a long break from work during the pre-HSC period and they sent me the exact same email, but as soon as I finished my HSC they called me up like nothing happened and asked me to work again! At that time I didn't end up filling in the exit interview, so maybe that's why I ended up working again, but I don't know.
This time round I'm filling it out!
Hmm.. it'll be hard finding a new job though, especially with my already hectic timetable, the only possible time I could work would be after my classes, and that would mean doing only night shifts or 6am opening shifts D: Plus it's the start of the year, Christmas casuals would have probably replaced the staff who ended up quitting or something. So where do I get my income? :O

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  1. omg noms! you and me both! ;'O job searching is so damn difficult!! but you have experience so it's okay ^_^