25 January 2013

Retail.. something

So the past few days have been suuuuper hectic, I've been staying over at my aunt's house in Kelapa Gading since Monday night and over a period of 4 days, there hasn't been a day where I haven't gone out, and that will continue for another 1-2 days I think lol.

I have bought tons of clothes: about 7+ tops (majority are just casual simple printed tops though), 2 packs of underwear, 1 jumper, 1 jacket and 1 dress. All together I think I spent only $85 :) the most expensive piece would have to be the jumper which comes from Pull and Bear, kind of the equivalent to Topshop Topman but the thing is my friend paid for it! All together I saved $65, mainly thanks to my friend's generosity xD

Hey I don't think they have Pull and Bear in aus yet, do they? neither do they have forever 21, marks and spencers, etude house or missha, yet surprisingly they have it here! the shopping scene here is indeed crazy lol, definitely more than aus. in the city we have one major 'luxury' mall - Westfield in Pitt st, but in the city here, there are like approx. 5 luxury malls (and in close proximity of each other too). no wonder indo is known to be macet ('busy traffic') all the time haha



  2. you'd be surprised that there is actually etude house and misscha in australia! but they're in (kinda) hidden places... They're also quite expensive..