28 February 2013

United Takes More of an Indie Turn

For those who are into indie/rock music, you'd be surprised to know that you might like Hillsong United's latest album: Zion. Think 'Foster The People' kind of music (kind of). I just listened to some of the song previews on iTunes and I was pretty shocked that some of the songs have a strong resemblance to stuff that would appear in the top 40's. Hillsong United (aka Hillsong's youth band) seems to be taking more of a turn towards electronic style music rather than acoustics and instruments in an attempt to cater more to the interests of youth groups. If you're keen, just check out the 1 min preview of the song 'Relentless'. For those that don't normally listen to worship music, this album might alternate your thinking on it :)

27 February 2013

Usual Changmin Rants

Foreword: to the people that recently got introduced to my blog, might find this post strange, but this is just me talking about my bias, its nothing serious :D

I didn't visit allkpop for months since my interest in K-pop is kind of non-existent at the moment, but the moment I finally did, was the moment my heart sunk (just a little):

The bad thing is that I have to admit.. they look good together.. I think :(
Though I always thought Max had more of an interest in Japan rather than Korea.. (I assumed this myself because Max always 'seems' more enthusiastic when he's singing Japanese songs or in Japan) and from that I assumed he would someday date someone Japanese but to my surprise the rumours are with Vic who is Chinese origin! Does that mean I have a chance? ;) 
Lol kidding! :)
Well Vic seems like a down-to-earth dateable girl, from the looks of her lifestyle in WGM so I guess I can understand.. And from seeing her cooking skills, it definitely fulfills his want for his ideal girl to be able to cook well. So if they really are dating, its cute I guess ^^

21 February 2013

Why Am I Such An Awkward Turtle

When it comes to my ______ group, I get completely socially awkward and I don't know why?
I think being the quiet/reserved person that I am, I'm just not cut out for socialisation in big groups, because big crowds usually mean that its easy to disappear without anyone noticing.
A friend once said to me (just changing the words slightly):
"Everyone in the group is great, but only separately, not when in a group".
That's true, everyone has amazing personalities and are friendly and all, which makes it great to talk one-on-one, but when it comes to group conversations, there will always be two or more people who click together so well that everyone else just gets left out.
(I think that's why a clique is called a clique lol.)
To be honest the group is so big that sub groups exist, which consists of two or more people that click together even more.
I won't mention names so I'll refer to people as puzzle pieces (which can surprisingly relate).
Have you ever had a puzzle piece that seems like it fits perfectly into the gap of the other but when you try it out, it doesn't quite fit? Refer to that odd puzzle piece as 'me'. Then there is that right puzzle piece that is actually meant to fit with the other perfectly. Refer to those two fitting puzzle pieces as a 'group'. What happens when.. that matching puzzle piece goes missing? Refer to that missing piece as a person just not being there. You would resort to the odd puzzle piece just to fill in the gap temporarily.
I feel like that happens in real life too. Because I don't quite fit in to any of the sub groups, I'm the second resort when their friend is not there. And well you know, it kind of gets you down when you're a second resort because no matter how hard you try to ignore it, the truth is you'll never fit in as perfectly as someone else does.

I used to be someone's matching piece in the group but then I got replaced when they realised someone fit in even better.

18 February 2013

Last Week Of Hols

So O-Week for the UNSW-ers is starting next week and I'm completely mind blanked because time went by so fast. I mean the time when I came back from Indo on 1 Feb and still thought, "I still have a month's worth of holidays here" was said just 2 weeks ago? Ahhhh.

Everyone's been blogging about the anxiousness of the whole new friend-making and I must admit, the thought hasn't even crossed my mind yet. I have this mindset that the less you think about something and just let it flow on the day, the less nervous/stressed you will be :) Of course this mindset does not always do me good, for example when it was HSC exams and everyone was stressing out and got the impression I wasn't taking things seriously enough because I wasn't freaking out as much, and in the inside I was just hoping what I studied was enough to get me through lol. But the thing is the more I panic, the more I'm likely to stuff up, whether it be exams or friend-making. So on the other hand its a good thing personally :)

Well I haven't been up to much lately, on Saturday I played basketball with my church friends and Robby and Stefanus came which was good because they just came back from Indo that week. It was quite a workout since I didn't do any physical exercise for a long time, but I didn't break too much of a sweat either. Muscles became a bit stiff the day after and for some very unknown reason my butt hurt? Oh well, what is life lol. At least I didn't get hit in the head by the ball this time :D

I'm looking forward to this Saturday's soccer game since I haven't played soccer for years and want to try it out again. For my school friends reading this post, you're more than welcome to join! Let me know if you're interested :) I think we have our first YESS (my youth group) bible study session after it too, which I'm really looking forward to as well. Speaking of youth, Jason became the head co-ordinator of YESS Sydney yesterday! So proud of him! :D I'm pretty geed for what he and the multimedia team have planned for the promo to go along with the opening launch of the group.

Also on the note of church, we have our very first church retreat coming up on the 1 May and it's at Kiama (near Jambaroo). We're going by train and its only a 2 hour ride. Again, anyone is more than welcome to join us :D It's a great way to make new friends, the people who are coming are reaaaally nice (hence why I like to talk about them quite often in my posts hehe). Plus you'll know me (and Jason) at the very least so you won't feel out of place :) And you definitely won't get left out even if you don't have a good relationship with God or what-not. If you're interested, its $100 per person and pays for the food, accommodation and activities we will be doing there. If you want to know more about the location, I hear the place is amazing and has great scenic ocean views (a lighthouse too) and there's the iconic Blowhole (http://www.kiama.com.au/see-a-do/blowhole). Apparently its this place on the beach where water spouts up, similarly to what the blowhole on a whale does. I've never seen one before so I'm looking forward to seeing it. About the accommodation - the 'cabins' we are staying in.. the word 'cabin' doesn't even describe it, it looks more like a nice house (actually looks better than my own house sadly). It has it's own living room, kitchen and there's even an exclusive cabin option which offers an additional spa (not that we really need one haha). Although this retreat does have its religious purposes, its unlike the high school retreat and is actually more of a time to really relax and just get away from the busyness of church/uni life, hence the 2 hour train ride away from the city. Trust me, it won't be as boring as the year 12 retreat ^^

Away from church, on Sunday I went to the CNY parade, the one that runs all throughout George St from Town Hall and twists to the right to end near Darling Harbour. I have to admit, the parade really isn't that outstanding but if you go with close friends it actually turns out to be just a good memorable outing. Definitely something to different to the regular and plain movie/shopping/lunch outings with your friends :)

I think that pretty much sums up the highlights of last week :)

10 February 2013


Just scrolling through tumblr and came across the weirdest post I have ever seen in the last few months:

"what if you injected brownie mix into your bloodstream like since your body temp is like 98 the brownies would cook over a few days and then you will have clumps in your arms and you can just cut it open and eat the brownies i should be a scientist"

Just the thought of it is giving me shivers.. It's very mentally disturbing to me for some reason.
I think the 'clumps in your arm' part and cutting yourself open freaked me out the most lol.

01 February 2013

2013 New Year Resolutions

The following is not really a list of resolutions, or even goals, but rather simply just things I hope to try out this year:

More physical activity
Joining badminton or basketball, going to the gym to increase stamina or just visiting centennial park more and riding a bike or roller blading

Getting my P's 
Nearly there! I'm basically all ready but my parking needs total working on

Room renovation project
Aiming for a slightly more mature image (still not willing to let go of all my soft toys..) but with my sister in the same room, might be hard to make it a complete transformation. & rather difficult task, but if possible, change my floor from carpet to wood

(Maybe) learn to swim
Only willing to try this out if I already have my P's. I'm not a big fan of public bathrooms, especially at the beach and pools, so I'd want to put some dry clothes on top of my swimwear and just home straight away and take a shower there instead. Yep, sounds gross going home in my swimwear but I really prefer not going to public toilets, even just to change lol

Self-learn guitar
I probably made a mistake choosing to jump right into bass, most bass players start off learning guitar, so I reckon I should do the same, maybe just learn the absolute basics before going back to bass

Speak Indonesian more often
Over the 2 months that I stayed here in Indonesia, I think my confidence in speaking Indo has actually improved greatly (and apparently so has my fluency! hehe)

Read more often
I want to start filling my bookshelf with medical books (both for motivation and education) as well as religious ones. I've started reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and its pretty good. This leads me to my most important 'goal':

Build a stronger relationship with God
In all honesty, I feel like I'm living like an submarine Christian generally - above the waters on Sunday but submerged and nowhere to be seen on any other day. It would be great to go to my church's bible study meetings but its always at night, so curfews are a bit of an issue. Maybe I can start by creating a new blog just to note down my daily thoughts of what I read/learn everyday ^^