01 February 2013

2013 New Year Resolutions

The following is not really a list of resolutions, or even goals, but rather simply just things I hope to try out this year:

More physical activity
Joining badminton or basketball, going to the gym to increase stamina or just visiting centennial park more and riding a bike or roller blading

Getting my P's 
Nearly there! I'm basically all ready but my parking needs total working on

Room renovation project
Aiming for a slightly more mature image (still not willing to let go of all my soft toys..) but with my sister in the same room, might be hard to make it a complete transformation. & rather difficult task, but if possible, change my floor from carpet to wood

(Maybe) learn to swim
Only willing to try this out if I already have my P's. I'm not a big fan of public bathrooms, especially at the beach and pools, so I'd want to put some dry clothes on top of my swimwear and just home straight away and take a shower there instead. Yep, sounds gross going home in my swimwear but I really prefer not going to public toilets, even just to change lol

Self-learn guitar
I probably made a mistake choosing to jump right into bass, most bass players start off learning guitar, so I reckon I should do the same, maybe just learn the absolute basics before going back to bass

Speak Indonesian more often
Over the 2 months that I stayed here in Indonesia, I think my confidence in speaking Indo has actually improved greatly (and apparently so has my fluency! hehe)

Read more often
I want to start filling my bookshelf with medical books (both for motivation and education) as well as religious ones. I've started reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and its pretty good. This leads me to my most important 'goal':

Build a stronger relationship with God
In all honesty, I feel like I'm living like an submarine Christian generally - above the waters on Sunday but submerged and nowhere to be seen on any other day. It would be great to go to my church's bible study meetings but its always at night, so curfews are a bit of an issue. Maybe I can start by creating a new blog just to note down my daily thoughts of what I read/learn everyday ^^

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