27 February 2013

Usual Changmin Rants

Foreword: to the people that recently got introduced to my blog, might find this post strange, but this is just me talking about my bias, its nothing serious :D

I didn't visit allkpop for months since my interest in K-pop is kind of non-existent at the moment, but the moment I finally did, was the moment my heart sunk (just a little):

The bad thing is that I have to admit.. they look good together.. I think :(
Though I always thought Max had more of an interest in Japan rather than Korea.. (I assumed this myself because Max always 'seems' more enthusiastic when he's singing Japanese songs or in Japan) and from that I assumed he would someday date someone Japanese but to my surprise the rumours are with Vic who is Chinese origin! Does that mean I have a chance? ;) 
Lol kidding! :)
Well Vic seems like a down-to-earth dateable girl, from the looks of her lifestyle in WGM so I guess I can understand.. And from seeing her cooking skills, it definitely fulfills his want for his ideal girl to be able to cook well. So if they really are dating, its cute I guess ^^


  1. OMG NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! Awww although Victoria and nichkhun :'(

    1. ahaha i hope its not true if you know what i mean ;) but yeah khuntoria was a cute couple too :(

    2. hahahah! it probably will be! der quite cute anyway!

      whoa.. totally forgot about there couple name!