27 March 2013

Devo with sleep routine

Today I had a goal to sleep at 10 today.. Didn't happen.
I looked at the clock when it was 10 and thought "okay i'll just finish sewing up this singlet" then 5 mins later its already 11:30 T__T
I just hope that tomorrow morning i'll wake up feeling refreshed

21 March 2013


It's been a while since I posted but truthfully there hasn't been much going on besides uni and making friends (which is probably the highlight), so I'll talk about those 3 :)

Yesterday was really exciting in my BABS lab because I found out Kanji was in my lab class! He didn't come last week so when I saw his name on the roll I thought he dropped the subject or something. But he came today! I haven't seen/talked to this guy since maybe 4 years ago? (even if we're already friends on fb lol). We were acquaintances in the same friendship group but when I left the group apparently soon after they all went their separate ways as well. So yeah, it was like seeing an old friend acquaintance after so long. He doesn't know anyone, so hopefully he can sit next to me next week, and because he's Japanese I can abuse him with my homework and dialogues hahaha.

Other new friendships I made in uni..
I met a Korean exchange student in her 4th year called Eun Ji. Same class as me for my Jap seminar (which should be called a tute.. because its exactly like it lol). She's really friendly and pretty =)
She does psyc as a gen course but doesn't have anyone to sit with so I invited her one time to sit with us ^^ Hopefully she'll be joining us for the rest of the psyc lectures to come hehe.

I've gotten much closer to Ross, who I meet in Jap lectures, and usually when the class ends we just stop to hang/chat for about 30mins - 1hr . Being able to get along with him so well came as a bit of a surprise to me because it's been a while since I got along really well with a non-asian guy. Back when I was doing my trial at Gloria Jeans I attempted to make conversation with this white guy but it was always me asking the questions and him just answering them (half-heartedly I think), so that didn't go along very well =/

I have two really cool friends in my CHEM lab called Clarence and Pratheep and they always like to joke around and they always manage to make me laugh a lot, which is good because it makes chem more tolerable. I like to know them as B1 and B2 because they just seem so close and joke around so much lol.
Also in my chem lab is my demonstrator called Christian who I'm glad to have because he's indo and friendly and that asian lady demonstrator (who also happens to be teaching in my tutes) just gives me chills because she's really strict and serious and always speaks in a stern voice. One time she came over to our bench area to see how everyone was going and started asking me these chem questions related to my experiment and I just kept saying "umm.." and "uhh..".. and yeah safe to say, she just scares me lol

My indo friends, Kenneth, Kenny and Megan (I bet she's indo on the inside hahhaa) are pretty much my closest friends in uni at the moment and we practically spend every break together. I like how Megan is in nearly all of my lectures =) I know Adhika and Leon but they rarely have breaks with us so I don't exactly feel close to them as of yet. We have a jam coming up this Friday I think and I'm looking forward to that :)

Anyway off to uni in an hour! Might come back to this post later on ^^


Where did my news feed go..?

17 March 2013

So Many Imperfections

His voice is really husky and breaks nearly every time he hits the high notes.. but it's attractive? :$

11 March 2013

Of Two Minds

Just something interesting I thought I'd post up :)

Asdfghjkl Chem

Chemistry is officially ten headaches and a half, I had both a lecture and a tute for chem today and I didn't understand what on earth they were talking about :S Basically in both classes, it was as if the lecturer was speaking in a complete foreign language. Polyatomic ions, oxoanions, oxyacids, I came out of the lecture and tute even more stressed than I was in the beginning.
Luckily Japanese was my last class in the afternoon and it cooled my head down a little (just a little) because little did I know I would get even more of a brain overload - the lecture slides barely write romaji anymore (means I have tons of catching up to do) and we learnt about 20 phrases that day. On the up side, every week we have this thing called Song of the Week and people can post in a forum on a Japanese song they want played at one point during the lecture. My song request came up!
And so I received my few seconds of fame, while my name was listed on one of the slides xD
And yeah, I have so much info to absorb today, come Wednesday, my head might be on the verge of malfunction lol.
At the end of the day I got a hug from a friend, which I very much needed. ^^
That is all, I need to take some panadol then.. keep moving forward!

09 March 2013

Speed of Light!

As I'm speaking, I've trailed my first hefty download and what would normally take hours to download (138Mb) only takes a few minutes! Really happy with the internet ^^

08 March 2013

Speed of..

So on Thursday, the Optus people didn't disappoint as came early in the morning to install the cable internet! Basically they just drilled holes into our walls to be able to connect the router to the outside cabling, then they used a mini crane to extend that cable all the way up to the power line.
Now my laptop and my sister's laptop is connected to perfection! Except.. our desktop computers cant connect to it because my dad disabled the LAN function on both of them, so he needs to re-enable it before my mum and dad can gain access to the internet lol.
The internet works crazy fast though I haven't tested out the speed with downloading yet, nor have I tried streaming a video (thinking of PLL right now). Excited to try it out this weekend maybe!
We have a sufficient 120Gb of data, which to me is huge compared to the 6Gb of internet I had before. Unlimited usage of course meaning no need to worry about extra data charges anymore!
And of course super fast speed (well for me anyway, compared to my old internet) ^^

05 March 2013

To Highlight or Not To Highlight

So I now have my chem textbook fresh out of the plastic and out in the open, vulnerable to scratches, bends and all sorts of abuse and what not.
But the big question is.. to highlight or not to highlight?

Pros: Personal benefit to study/revision
Cons:  'Devalues' book when being sold second-hand

Not Highlighting
Pros: Can be sold second-hand at higher value
Cons: Harder to locate important points when revising

I haven't really touched my book, I'm still tossing up between these two decisions, its tough lol.
Well in conclusion, if I really want the best of both worlds, I guess I could just put more effort into 'mentally' highlighting the important bits and construct it into study notes elsewhere in a notebook or on the computer?

Edit: Viewing the content, I now realise this post is pointless lol.
But have you ever considered that maybe blogs can be used to make decisions for you?
Just like creating mind maps and brain storms of alternate options to one thing, writing about options to a problem can sometimes actually help lead you to make a decision. Options that previously didn't seem obvious before, now seem like it was right in front of your face the whole time.

First Day!

Edit: I just realised today that this post didn't get published yesterday, so keep that in mind while reading this ^^

So I've just come home from my first day at uni!

First up was psychology lecture and it was a great start because I had Selena and Kenneth with me. Nothing interesting, just the introductory stuff, so not much to say here.

Next up was chemistry lecture and it was in the same room so I didn't have to move! :) But S and K had to leave me, thus it was all up to me now to begin the friend making challenge. Little did I know, I didn't even have to move an inch because within 5 mins, someone came up to me! This guy called Ben simply asked if the seat beside me was empty (was sitting on the edge seat) and it all just flowed from there :) He travelled all the way from New Zealand to study here and was a first year student doing Environmental Engineering. Nice guy. The lecture was horrible though, they talked about atom mass, compounds and elements and in my head I was just thinking "whaaaaaat?" while this Ben guy just seemed so chill that he told me he almost fell asleep during the lecture, since he did chem for senior year and this kind of stuff wasn't new to him. I mean it's not new to me either but when did I last learn about this stuff? I actually remember specifically learning this stuff back when I had Couani Jnr. and Selena in my class for science, which was.. back in year 9 maybe?

After that, I had a 3 hour break from 1-3 pm but I had to meet someone at 2 pm, so I went home straight away to grab a bite to eat. On the way home, I met Djuandhi, whom I didn't realise was in the same chem lecture as me! I also bumped into Hawk, an old friend of a friend of mine that I haven't seen for ages, and Ryan, a work friend that I also haven't seen for ages. Good walk home lol.
Anyway coming back to uni I bought a first-hand chem textbook off someone (was still in plastic, they bought it by mistake) and after that still had time to spare, so I walked to Morning Glory to try find a plain notebook (that didn't look 'cute' but not too plain either) but didn't find one, so just took a leisure walk back to uni. Man I was exhausted though lol. That textbook felt 1.5x heavier than my laptop (same width and length dimensions as my laptop, with double the breadth!) but I actually bothered to compare it on the scale and my laptop and textbook are both the same weight (2kg)! wut.

Last class was Japanese! The Matthews Theatre B is tiiiiiiny compared to Clancy Building! lol
Same deal with chem, it wasn't long before someone came up to me asking if the seat next to me was taken, and that is how I made another new friend, Ross! :) He was a second year student coming in from Tamworth and just recently transferred to UNSW. Again, nice guy. Unlike the other two lectures, this one was 2 hours though and since it was dealing with languages, there was a whole lot more interaction with Ross. We exchanged badly pronounced "hajime mashite, (name) desu, doozo yoroshiku" and other Japanese phrases alike, to each other and to the people around us. At one point the lecturer suggested making "study buddies" with the idea of contract signing with them as a good way to encourage learning. Ross suggested that if I didn't turn up to a lecture one day, he'd give me a harsh punishment like having to pay for his coffee or what-not, and thus we had a pretty comfortable bond :) There were Japanese guests dressed in light kimonos and listening to their fluent Japanese greetings was great. Next week there will be uni students from Japan coming to visit us. We got to lay back and listen to "Kiseki" by Greeeeen (forgot how many 'e's there are), which I vaguely remember from a drama, I think it was from 1L of Tears. They're accepting song requests every week through a blackboard forum! Overall a pretty awesome class, quite casual indeed. After class I followed him to buy Japanese lecture notes and also to Arc to get this free big wall calender.

Aaaaaand.. that is all! An overall chill day, but seriously, I need to consider getting someone to tutor me for chem, that stuff in the lecture was intense to the max bro.
And I need to make a girly friend :/

04 March 2013


Note: You don't have to read this post, there's nothing interesting.
I just like documenting most of my dreams :)

Last night I had a realistic dream of being able to ride in my cousin's borrowed friend's car in Indo which looked a lot like this:

The front and back looked very similar to the one in my dream, except it had 2 rows of seats (like a typical car) and was a convertible. Anyway so we got driven to some place and had the car taken care of while we were going around the area (like a private car parking area with mechanics, like.. luxury car parking?). Anyway at one point, I separated from my cousin and went back to that car park to take a photo of the car but.. it disappeared? It took a while but I finally got one of the mechanics to fess up and they said they took it someplace else to an insurance company because he was scared people would attempt to damage/steal the car after he overheard many conversations about the car. So I didn't know how to tell my cousin that her car went missing but when we finished going back around and went back to where the car was supposedly meant to be, that mechanic convinced us that we should stay overnight in this area (don't know how that covered up how the car went missing?) but we did anyway.
After that the dream just got weird but yeah in the end to not get my cousin too angry about her missing car, he played a video recording of where exactly the car went and the reasons why. Weird.

At one point in my dream, I was at a formal dinner with my family and K and A were there too? They sat at our table because the rest of their family hadn't come yet, and both of them sat within one seat from my mum (K was on the left, A was on the right). Of course, I wanted to sit next to K but when I sat there it was hard to make conversation (as it always is) because they're a quiet person. A then called me over and because there was an awkward silence coming from both of us at the moment, I decided to get up and sit next to them instead. Of course we were able to talk much easily and while we were in conversation, K got up and left and my heart sunk a little. I just like K's presence, even when not talking.

02 March 2013

Wise Words From Adele

"Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing pavements,
Even if it leads no where?
Or would it be a waste even if I knew my place,
Should I leave it there, should I give up?"

01 March 2013


Yep, I knew it was too good to be true, the internet installment got postponed to next Thursday due to the rainy weather :(

In the meantime.. I was looking around the internet for a pet rabbit (a netherland dwarf or mini lop specifically) and just out of boredom I showed my mum some cute ones and she agreed to let me buy one! The cheapest one is around $15 (some are even free) and the maximum is around $80. I probably won't get one at the moment though, since uni is coming up and I don't want to have to handle too many new things ^^" Just something in my mind though :D

In With The Broadband!

So right now I'm creepily staring out the window through the blinds waiting for Optus to come because today is the day they will install the cable broadband internet! It's seriously about time I got cable internet and I'm pretty excited haha.
I'm not too sure how good Optus is with internet and I did try convince my dad to go with TPG but ultimately his final decisions don't usually follow my advice lol.
I'm a bit nervous because its raining today and my heart will most likely sink (a lot) if they need to reschedule. This isnt the first time my dad has tried to get people to install cable internet, and the first time was the worst and it was with Telstra. I think I blogged about this previously, but basically we made several appointments (around 6?) with Telstra to come to our house and set it up and they NEVER came to any of them. Though there was one time that they came super late (around 6pm) when their appointment was meant to be around 12pm and then they claimed they couldnt install it because it was too dark.. lol. I was speechless, obviously it wouldnt be dark if you came on time! :S Sigh anyway I'm HOPING Optus will be a little more responsible than Telstra and actually make it to this appointment! If they do, then I will successfully (and finally) have wireless internet! Because it kinda sucks at the moment where only person can use the internet at a time :(