11 March 2013

Asdfghjkl Chem

Chemistry is officially ten headaches and a half, I had both a lecture and a tute for chem today and I didn't understand what on earth they were talking about :S Basically in both classes, it was as if the lecturer was speaking in a complete foreign language. Polyatomic ions, oxoanions, oxyacids, I came out of the lecture and tute even more stressed than I was in the beginning.
Luckily Japanese was my last class in the afternoon and it cooled my head down a little (just a little) because little did I know I would get even more of a brain overload - the lecture slides barely write romaji anymore (means I have tons of catching up to do) and we learnt about 20 phrases that day. On the up side, every week we have this thing called Song of the Week and people can post in a forum on a Japanese song they want played at one point during the lecture. My song request came up!
And so I received my few seconds of fame, while my name was listed on one of the slides xD
And yeah, I have so much info to absorb today, come Wednesday, my head might be on the verge of malfunction lol.
At the end of the day I got a hug from a friend, which I very much needed. ^^
That is all, I need to take some panadol then.. keep moving forward!


  1. omg!! i know how you feel man :'( THIS IS HOW I FEEL ABOUT MATH!! its so freaking... difficult! its like 2u or even 3u math man =o= and the tuts dont even help!

  2. ahhh want to drop to a lower chem course but i missed the final day to change subjects :(