04 March 2013


Note: You don't have to read this post, there's nothing interesting.
I just like documenting most of my dreams :)

Last night I had a realistic dream of being able to ride in my cousin's borrowed friend's car in Indo which looked a lot like this:

The front and back looked very similar to the one in my dream, except it had 2 rows of seats (like a typical car) and was a convertible. Anyway so we got driven to some place and had the car taken care of while we were going around the area (like a private car parking area with mechanics, like.. luxury car parking?). Anyway at one point, I separated from my cousin and went back to that car park to take a photo of the car but.. it disappeared? It took a while but I finally got one of the mechanics to fess up and they said they took it someplace else to an insurance company because he was scared people would attempt to damage/steal the car after he overheard many conversations about the car. So I didn't know how to tell my cousin that her car went missing but when we finished going back around and went back to where the car was supposedly meant to be, that mechanic convinced us that we should stay overnight in this area (don't know how that covered up how the car went missing?) but we did anyway.
After that the dream just got weird but yeah in the end to not get my cousin too angry about her missing car, he played a video recording of where exactly the car went and the reasons why. Weird.

At one point in my dream, I was at a formal dinner with my family and K and A were there too? They sat at our table because the rest of their family hadn't come yet, and both of them sat within one seat from my mum (K was on the left, A was on the right). Of course, I wanted to sit next to K but when I sat there it was hard to make conversation (as it always is) because they're a quiet person. A then called me over and because there was an awkward silence coming from both of us at the moment, I decided to get up and sit next to them instead. Of course we were able to talk much easily and while we were in conversation, K got up and left and my heart sunk a little. I just like K's presence, even when not talking.

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