05 March 2013

First Day!

Edit: I just realised today that this post didn't get published yesterday, so keep that in mind while reading this ^^

So I've just come home from my first day at uni!

First up was psychology lecture and it was a great start because I had Selena and Kenneth with me. Nothing interesting, just the introductory stuff, so not much to say here.

Next up was chemistry lecture and it was in the same room so I didn't have to move! :) But S and K had to leave me, thus it was all up to me now to begin the friend making challenge. Little did I know, I didn't even have to move an inch because within 5 mins, someone came up to me! This guy called Ben simply asked if the seat beside me was empty (was sitting on the edge seat) and it all just flowed from there :) He travelled all the way from New Zealand to study here and was a first year student doing Environmental Engineering. Nice guy. The lecture was horrible though, they talked about atom mass, compounds and elements and in my head I was just thinking "whaaaaaat?" while this Ben guy just seemed so chill that he told me he almost fell asleep during the lecture, since he did chem for senior year and this kind of stuff wasn't new to him. I mean it's not new to me either but when did I last learn about this stuff? I actually remember specifically learning this stuff back when I had Couani Jnr. and Selena in my class for science, which was.. back in year 9 maybe?

After that, I had a 3 hour break from 1-3 pm but I had to meet someone at 2 pm, so I went home straight away to grab a bite to eat. On the way home, I met Djuandhi, whom I didn't realise was in the same chem lecture as me! I also bumped into Hawk, an old friend of a friend of mine that I haven't seen for ages, and Ryan, a work friend that I also haven't seen for ages. Good walk home lol.
Anyway coming back to uni I bought a first-hand chem textbook off someone (was still in plastic, they bought it by mistake) and after that still had time to spare, so I walked to Morning Glory to try find a plain notebook (that didn't look 'cute' but not too plain either) but didn't find one, so just took a leisure walk back to uni. Man I was exhausted though lol. That textbook felt 1.5x heavier than my laptop (same width and length dimensions as my laptop, with double the breadth!) but I actually bothered to compare it on the scale and my laptop and textbook are both the same weight (2kg)! wut.

Last class was Japanese! The Matthews Theatre B is tiiiiiiny compared to Clancy Building! lol
Same deal with chem, it wasn't long before someone came up to me asking if the seat next to me was taken, and that is how I made another new friend, Ross! :) He was a second year student coming in from Tamworth and just recently transferred to UNSW. Again, nice guy. Unlike the other two lectures, this one was 2 hours though and since it was dealing with languages, there was a whole lot more interaction with Ross. We exchanged badly pronounced "hajime mashite, (name) desu, doozo yoroshiku" and other Japanese phrases alike, to each other and to the people around us. At one point the lecturer suggested making "study buddies" with the idea of contract signing with them as a good way to encourage learning. Ross suggested that if I didn't turn up to a lecture one day, he'd give me a harsh punishment like having to pay for his coffee or what-not, and thus we had a pretty comfortable bond :) There were Japanese guests dressed in light kimonos and listening to their fluent Japanese greetings was great. Next week there will be uni students from Japan coming to visit us. We got to lay back and listen to "Kiseki" by Greeeeen (forgot how many 'e's there are), which I vaguely remember from a drama, I think it was from 1L of Tears. They're accepting song requests every week through a blackboard forum! Overall a pretty awesome class, quite casual indeed. After class I followed him to buy Japanese lecture notes and also to Arc to get this free big wall calender.

Aaaaaand.. that is all! An overall chill day, but seriously, I need to consider getting someone to tutor me for chem, that stuff in the lecture was intense to the max bro.
And I need to make a girly friend :/

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