21 March 2013


It's been a while since I posted but truthfully there hasn't been much going on besides uni and making friends (which is probably the highlight), so I'll talk about those 3 :)

Yesterday was really exciting in my BABS lab because I found out Kanji was in my lab class! He didn't come last week so when I saw his name on the roll I thought he dropped the subject or something. But he came today! I haven't seen/talked to this guy since maybe 4 years ago? (even if we're already friends on fb lol). We were acquaintances in the same friendship group but when I left the group apparently soon after they all went their separate ways as well. So yeah, it was like seeing an old friend acquaintance after so long. He doesn't know anyone, so hopefully he can sit next to me next week, and because he's Japanese I can abuse him with my homework and dialogues hahaha.

Other new friendships I made in uni..
I met a Korean exchange student in her 4th year called Eun Ji. Same class as me for my Jap seminar (which should be called a tute.. because its exactly like it lol). She's really friendly and pretty =)
She does psyc as a gen course but doesn't have anyone to sit with so I invited her one time to sit with us ^^ Hopefully she'll be joining us for the rest of the psyc lectures to come hehe.

I've gotten much closer to Ross, who I meet in Jap lectures, and usually when the class ends we just stop to hang/chat for about 30mins - 1hr . Being able to get along with him so well came as a bit of a surprise to me because it's been a while since I got along really well with a non-asian guy. Back when I was doing my trial at Gloria Jeans I attempted to make conversation with this white guy but it was always me asking the questions and him just answering them (half-heartedly I think), so that didn't go along very well =/

I have two really cool friends in my CHEM lab called Clarence and Pratheep and they always like to joke around and they always manage to make me laugh a lot, which is good because it makes chem more tolerable. I like to know them as B1 and B2 because they just seem so close and joke around so much lol.
Also in my chem lab is my demonstrator called Christian who I'm glad to have because he's indo and friendly and that asian lady demonstrator (who also happens to be teaching in my tutes) just gives me chills because she's really strict and serious and always speaks in a stern voice. One time she came over to our bench area to see how everyone was going and started asking me these chem questions related to my experiment and I just kept saying "umm.." and "uhh..".. and yeah safe to say, she just scares me lol

My indo friends, Kenneth, Kenny and Megan (I bet she's indo on the inside hahhaa) are pretty much my closest friends in uni at the moment and we practically spend every break together. I like how Megan is in nearly all of my lectures =) I know Adhika and Leon but they rarely have breaks with us so I don't exactly feel close to them as of yet. We have a jam coming up this Friday I think and I'm looking forward to that :)

Anyway off to uni in an hour! Might come back to this post later on ^^

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