01 March 2013

In With The Broadband!

So right now I'm creepily staring out the window through the blinds waiting for Optus to come because today is the day they will install the cable broadband internet! It's seriously about time I got cable internet and I'm pretty excited haha.
I'm not too sure how good Optus is with internet and I did try convince my dad to go with TPG but ultimately his final decisions don't usually follow my advice lol.
I'm a bit nervous because its raining today and my heart will most likely sink (a lot) if they need to reschedule. This isnt the first time my dad has tried to get people to install cable internet, and the first time was the worst and it was with Telstra. I think I blogged about this previously, but basically we made several appointments (around 6?) with Telstra to come to our house and set it up and they NEVER came to any of them. Though there was one time that they came super late (around 6pm) when their appointment was meant to be around 12pm and then they claimed they couldnt install it because it was too dark.. lol. I was speechless, obviously it wouldnt be dark if you came on time! :S Sigh anyway I'm HOPING Optus will be a little more responsible than Telstra and actually make it to this appointment! If they do, then I will successfully (and finally) have wireless internet! Because it kinda sucks at the moment where only person can use the internet at a time :(

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