08 March 2013

Speed of..

So on Thursday, the Optus people didn't disappoint as came early in the morning to install the cable internet! Basically they just drilled holes into our walls to be able to connect the router to the outside cabling, then they used a mini crane to extend that cable all the way up to the power line.
Now my laptop and my sister's laptop is connected to perfection! Except.. our desktop computers cant connect to it because my dad disabled the LAN function on both of them, so he needs to re-enable it before my mum and dad can gain access to the internet lol.
The internet works crazy fast though I haven't tested out the speed with downloading yet, nor have I tried streaming a video (thinking of PLL right now). Excited to try it out this weekend maybe!
We have a sufficient 120Gb of data, which to me is huge compared to the 6Gb of internet I had before. Unlimited usage of course meaning no need to worry about extra data charges anymore!
And of course super fast speed (well for me anyway, compared to my old internet) ^^

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