05 March 2013

To Highlight or Not To Highlight

So I now have my chem textbook fresh out of the plastic and out in the open, vulnerable to scratches, bends and all sorts of abuse and what not.
But the big question is.. to highlight or not to highlight?

Pros: Personal benefit to study/revision
Cons:  'Devalues' book when being sold second-hand

Not Highlighting
Pros: Can be sold second-hand at higher value
Cons: Harder to locate important points when revising

I haven't really touched my book, I'm still tossing up between these two decisions, its tough lol.
Well in conclusion, if I really want the best of both worlds, I guess I could just put more effort into 'mentally' highlighting the important bits and construct it into study notes elsewhere in a notebook or on the computer?

Edit: Viewing the content, I now realise this post is pointless lol.
But have you ever considered that maybe blogs can be used to make decisions for you?
Just like creating mind maps and brain storms of alternate options to one thing, writing about options to a problem can sometimes actually help lead you to make a decision. Options that previously didn't seem obvious before, now seem like it was right in front of your face the whole time.

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