28 April 2013

Misunderstandings (Career Talk)

After a lot of my new uni friends (and one HS friend) who read my previous post, asked me questions, I realised I worded it badly and more so to the point that in general, I often get misunderstood easily or.. i.e. cannot express myself clearly in writing :S 
This post is aimed mainly at friends that I just met this year or recently ^__^

So for those who didn't know me back in high school, my background info is that I have a dream split between Science and I.T (I know, strange combination right?). There was this one short period in my life where Interior Design was also an option but that was a very short lived dream. Something important that I discovered about myself was that design, for me, was so much better admired than created. In other words, if there was an 'interior design' showcase kind of museum, it would definitely be my thing (Ikea and Home World actually come close to this criteria lol), but I wouldn't want to be the one designing them!
Anyway so most of my UAC preferences compromised of my ideal Science / I.T combo or the much less-desired single dream course paired with Arts for language. Much to my relief, I actually got the Science / Arts that I'm currently doing now :)

So one thing I was misunderstood for in my last post was that I wanted to transfer to I.T for good. But in saying that, I definitely don't want to leave science. If you think about it, science and engineering have a lot of contact hours. It would be a nightmare to do both at the same time (hence why I'm actually glad I didn't get the double combo!)
Leading me up to my next misunderstanding, some people may have accidently interpreted 'transfer as early as next semester' as literally transferring next semester, which is actually impossible due to my lack of UOC requirement anyway! But yeah I admit I worded that badly, what I mean is that after I get my WAM, next semester I will see my results as an indicator as to how well I'm going in the course. If it's not as great as I imagined, transferring to I.T is a last resort.. I feel like I still haven't gotten my message across but meh, I'm wiped out and can't think right now. Need to shleep lol.
Nights! =)

25 April 2013

Course Transfer

So mid-sem exams are coming next week and soon after that, my finals, then theres a slight pressure to get a good WAM. Because.. I'm really really REALLY unsure but transferring from Science/Arts to Comp Engineering is an option that popped up for me as early as next sem. I really am scared 'out of senses' (or better termed, s---less but I don't like swearing lol) that in the end, obtaining a career in neuroscience will be extremely competitive. Strangely enough, I can picture myself having a much more stable career in I.T. Plus its more realistic.

But this is just an 'option', I don't even think there's a possibility of me wanted to transfer lol

17 April 2013

Week After

Ahhh 2 more weeks to go! I'm getting nervous, I hope a positive outcome comes from it.
Kirsty was trying to guess what it was but out of the guesses she mentioned, its a little more exciting than that (well imo) ;)
I've been thinking of hints to give you in the lead up to the event, but the only ones I can think of are a bit of a giveway :/
Hmmmmmmmmm.. let's just say something related to it started in year 11-ish :) Throwing some random ideas in just to mess with your mind a little bit (a clue could be in here.. or not): I could be getting the bass guitar I've finally wished for, I could have applied again for that scholarship for the I.T course in UTS and am awaiting the results, I could finally be getting a new macbook, I could be receiving my own car to practise driving around in, I could have finally gotten a job as a barista in Gloria Jeans or Starbucks! :)

Hmm those movie tickets that I won haven't been mailed to me yet.. Surely it shouldn't take that long to post something locally right? xD

That Japanese restaurant in Kingsford has just opened up and it looks pretty inside, traditional design :) I'm not too sure if I want to apply anymore though, I saw many Japanese looking waitresses and being the coward I am, I don't think I can adhere to proper Japanese etiquette and manners, which will probably end up in me being looked down upon :( Yogurberry is the safer choice - I sent them an email asking when applications for Kingsford would open, but they haven't replied yet ):

.. I also need to get a haircut. It's been 3 months only and my hair is already nearly back to its old length - it grows so fast! I guess thats a good thing, but not good for my fringe. I've been cutting it myself to save myself the time and money of going to a hairdresser just for the fringe, but starting to look slightly dodgy + I have to trim it so often.. But I've been spotting the split ends kind of coming back, so I guess thats a good sign that I should get a complete hair cut anyway. I've been wanting to dye my hair again, hopefully aiming for a more noticeable  brown shade than before, but if its a toss up between looking nice and keeping my hair healthy, I think I'd rather save the healthiness of my hair since I've been spending ages trying to restore its general healthiness. So no with the dye for now :/

That's it for now, keep you updated later!

11 April 2013


I won't tell you what I 'applied' for because if I don't get it, it will just be plain embarrassing LOL (technically not applied for, but if I say the other word it might be obvious lol)
But yeah look forward to something in the future!

A week or two ago, I got sent an email from uni from the arts department requesting volunteers to give an hr of their time to give feedback on the arts degree. I decided to give it a go since you go into a draw to win a double movie pass, and you get a 1 in 6 chance of winning because they give away 1 per group of 6 people. Today I had my session and guess what! I won the movie tickets!! They'll send it to me either by email or letter I think :) Geed!

I should start updating my resume now.. and maybe tomorrow I should call that jap restaurant and apply! :)

10 April 2013

Job Hunting

So it's been a while since I last updated my resume and I've been a bit lazy to do it at the moment since uni life is pretty hectic with tasks, but today I found a cool job offer! I actually passed the restaurant for the first time on the way home today and inside looks pretty cool :)
I found the 'hates gossips and lies' part kinda funny/random though hahaha.

- I know I've already had experience with customer service and the roles of the waitress position sound really similar to my previous work place, but the 'inexperienced people more than welcome' sounds less strict so I feel I can meet their needs :D
- Working hour flexibility sounds great, I mean working 2 days a week, min 5 hours is definitely not a challenge :)
- Conveniently close to home / uni!
- Great opportunity to learn more Japanese! This notice was actually written by one of my jap teachers so I'm guessing she's encouraging to first year jap students to apply for this job :D Though I can't picture myself shouting out 'Irasshaimase!' but this job would be perfect opportunity to get more confident in my jap xD

08 April 2013


It's been exactly a week since I got my bunny and it's just the most adorable thing ever!
It keeps doing this thing called a 'binky' every time after it eats. A binky basically looks like its spazzing  and chucking a seizure but its actually a sign that its happiness level is like super over the top! You know how if the guy/girl you like asks you out or something and inside your heart is gonna burst and you feel like jumping and running around the room like crazy? That's the equivalent to a bunny binky hahaha. It acts like a total ninja running at super fast speeds, does head/ear flicks and jumps randomly :)

Just today it started licking my hand whenever I bring it close to his face. I think it's getting more accustomed to me hehe. Sometimes its a bit cheeky and nibbles on my fingers too though :(

02 April 2013

One Day

That's how long it took to get me quite attached to my bunny.
But I'm really scared to get too attached because I know someday his life will go on - he will only be able to stay with me for a couple of years.. When that time comes, I know I will be distraught and sad and the closer I am to it, the more it'll hurt :(

01 April 2013

An Eventful Easter [Picture Heavy]

Happy Easter everyone!
I've been up to a few things today such as driving my family to the Parklea Markets in Blacktown and back, which makes getting my P's 2 hours closer! :) I also had my first random breath testing experience on the freeway, which went well, although the inconvenience of the location of the breath testing caused a really big traffic jam =/
Since it was Easter I thought It'd be a perfect opportunity / time to get the rabbit I've been waiting for. Speed walking to the pets area, the first bunny I laid my eyes on was caramel brown in colour and I knew it was perfect! It has a little black imperfection on its ear but almost all the bunnies did, so I assume it was genetic.

It's a male mini lop, 6 weeks old :)
We were about to buy a second one for my sister but we figured it would be best to see how the first one coped with its environment first, plus my sis' bday is coming near the end of the month and thats a pretty ideal time span for seeing how the first one copes before buying another one.
She was thinking of these black eyed white ones, female:

We looked around first to see if there were other bunnies but they weren't so we came back to reserve it while we went around more of Parklea Markets =)

Here it is in its little cardboard box:

And it came with a cute birth certificate!

When we reached home, we let it roam around our kitchen but it crept into tight, dark and SUPER dusty / dirty space and took over 1.5 hours to get out.. I ended up with a sore neck, back and headache after it lol.
Luckily when it finally came out it wasn't covered in dust at all but I toweled out the fur anyway ^^"
It's in our living room at the moment and quite cheeky, always peeping its head up like a meerkat / jack in the box hahah. It's tried to escape twice already so before we go to sleep we're going to put something heavy on top :)

As for the name we haven't decided yet! My sister wants it to be a couple name because a white female will probably join him soon. She was thinking 'Chocolate' for mines and 'Milk' for hers, Peaches and Cream etc etc. Typical nice guy names for me would probably be Max, Ben or Benjamin. Chibi, Usagi and Neko (only because its cute) are on the list too :)