01 April 2013

An Eventful Easter [Picture Heavy]

Happy Easter everyone!
I've been up to a few things today such as driving my family to the Parklea Markets in Blacktown and back, which makes getting my P's 2 hours closer! :) I also had my first random breath testing experience on the freeway, which went well, although the inconvenience of the location of the breath testing caused a really big traffic jam =/
Since it was Easter I thought It'd be a perfect opportunity / time to get the rabbit I've been waiting for. Speed walking to the pets area, the first bunny I laid my eyes on was caramel brown in colour and I knew it was perfect! It has a little black imperfection on its ear but almost all the bunnies did, so I assume it was genetic.

It's a male mini lop, 6 weeks old :)
We were about to buy a second one for my sister but we figured it would be best to see how the first one coped with its environment first, plus my sis' bday is coming near the end of the month and thats a pretty ideal time span for seeing how the first one copes before buying another one.
She was thinking of these black eyed white ones, female:

We looked around first to see if there were other bunnies but they weren't so we came back to reserve it while we went around more of Parklea Markets =)

Here it is in its little cardboard box:

And it came with a cute birth certificate!

When we reached home, we let it roam around our kitchen but it crept into tight, dark and SUPER dusty / dirty space and took over 1.5 hours to get out.. I ended up with a sore neck, back and headache after it lol.
Luckily when it finally came out it wasn't covered in dust at all but I toweled out the fur anyway ^^"
It's in our living room at the moment and quite cheeky, always peeping its head up like a meerkat / jack in the box hahah. It's tried to escape twice already so before we go to sleep we're going to put something heavy on top :)

As for the name we haven't decided yet! My sister wants it to be a couple name because a white female will probably join him soon. She was thinking 'Chocolate' for mines and 'Milk' for hers, Peaches and Cream etc etc. Typical nice guy names for me would probably be Max, Ben or Benjamin. Chibi, Usagi and Neko (only because its cute) are on the list too :)

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