11 April 2013


I won't tell you what I 'applied' for because if I don't get it, it will just be plain embarrassing LOL (technically not applied for, but if I say the other word it might be obvious lol)
But yeah look forward to something in the future!

A week or two ago, I got sent an email from uni from the arts department requesting volunteers to give an hr of their time to give feedback on the arts degree. I decided to give it a go since you go into a draw to win a double movie pass, and you get a 1 in 6 chance of winning because they give away 1 per group of 6 people. Today I had my session and guess what! I won the movie tickets!! They'll send it to me either by email or letter I think :) Geed!

I should start updating my resume now.. and maybe tomorrow I should call that jap restaurant and apply! :)

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