25 April 2013

Course Transfer

So mid-sem exams are coming next week and soon after that, my finals, then theres a slight pressure to get a good WAM. Because.. I'm really really REALLY unsure but transferring from Science/Arts to Comp Engineering is an option that popped up for me as early as next sem. I really am scared 'out of senses' (or better termed, s---less but I don't like swearing lol) that in the end, obtaining a career in neuroscience will be extremely competitive. Strangely enough, I can picture myself having a much more stable career in I.T. Plus its more realistic.

But this is just an 'option', I don't even think there's a possibility of me wanted to transfer lol


  1. ...You realise you need a minimum of 36 UOC to transfer? Generally, you'd do 24 in the first semester..

  2. ah yep, thanks for the heads up :)

  3. depends on the course for the WAM that you need.