10 April 2013

Job Hunting

So it's been a while since I last updated my resume and I've been a bit lazy to do it at the moment since uni life is pretty hectic with tasks, but today I found a cool job offer! I actually passed the restaurant for the first time on the way home today and inside looks pretty cool :)
I found the 'hates gossips and lies' part kinda funny/random though hahaha.

- I know I've already had experience with customer service and the roles of the waitress position sound really similar to my previous work place, but the 'inexperienced people more than welcome' sounds less strict so I feel I can meet their needs :D
- Working hour flexibility sounds great, I mean working 2 days a week, min 5 hours is definitely not a challenge :)
- Conveniently close to home / uni!
- Great opportunity to learn more Japanese! This notice was actually written by one of my jap teachers so I'm guessing she's encouraging to first year jap students to apply for this job :D Though I can't picture myself shouting out 'Irasshaimase!' but this job would be perfect opportunity to get more confident in my jap xD

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