28 April 2013

Misunderstandings (Career Talk)

After a lot of my new uni friends (and one HS friend) who read my previous post, asked me questions, I realised I worded it badly and more so to the point that in general, I often get misunderstood easily or.. i.e. cannot express myself clearly in writing :S 
This post is aimed mainly at friends that I just met this year or recently ^__^

So for those who didn't know me back in high school, my background info is that I have a dream split between Science and I.T (I know, strange combination right?). There was this one short period in my life where Interior Design was also an option but that was a very short lived dream. Something important that I discovered about myself was that design, for me, was so much better admired than created. In other words, if there was an 'interior design' showcase kind of museum, it would definitely be my thing (Ikea and Home World actually come close to this criteria lol), but I wouldn't want to be the one designing them!
Anyway so most of my UAC preferences compromised of my ideal Science / I.T combo or the much less-desired single dream course paired with Arts for language. Much to my relief, I actually got the Science / Arts that I'm currently doing now :)

So one thing I was misunderstood for in my last post was that I wanted to transfer to I.T for good. But in saying that, I definitely don't want to leave science. If you think about it, science and engineering have a lot of contact hours. It would be a nightmare to do both at the same time (hence why I'm actually glad I didn't get the double combo!)
Leading me up to my next misunderstanding, some people may have accidently interpreted 'transfer as early as next semester' as literally transferring next semester, which is actually impossible due to my lack of UOC requirement anyway! But yeah I admit I worded that badly, what I mean is that after I get my WAM, next semester I will see my results as an indicator as to how well I'm going in the course. If it's not as great as I imagined, transferring to I.T is a last resort.. I feel like I still haven't gotten my message across but meh, I'm wiped out and can't think right now. Need to shleep lol.
Nights! =)

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