17 April 2013

Week After

Ahhh 2 more weeks to go! I'm getting nervous, I hope a positive outcome comes from it.
Kirsty was trying to guess what it was but out of the guesses she mentioned, its a little more exciting than that (well imo) ;)
I've been thinking of hints to give you in the lead up to the event, but the only ones I can think of are a bit of a giveway :/
Hmmmmmmmmm.. let's just say something related to it started in year 11-ish :) Throwing some random ideas in just to mess with your mind a little bit (a clue could be in here.. or not): I could be getting the bass guitar I've finally wished for, I could have applied again for that scholarship for the I.T course in UTS and am awaiting the results, I could finally be getting a new macbook, I could be receiving my own car to practise driving around in, I could have finally gotten a job as a barista in Gloria Jeans or Starbucks! :)

Hmm those movie tickets that I won haven't been mailed to me yet.. Surely it shouldn't take that long to post something locally right? xD

That Japanese restaurant in Kingsford has just opened up and it looks pretty inside, traditional design :) I'm not too sure if I want to apply anymore though, I saw many Japanese looking waitresses and being the coward I am, I don't think I can adhere to proper Japanese etiquette and manners, which will probably end up in me being looked down upon :( Yogurberry is the safer choice - I sent them an email asking when applications for Kingsford would open, but they haven't replied yet ):

.. I also need to get a haircut. It's been 3 months only and my hair is already nearly back to its old length - it grows so fast! I guess thats a good thing, but not good for my fringe. I've been cutting it myself to save myself the time and money of going to a hairdresser just for the fringe, but starting to look slightly dodgy + I have to trim it so often.. But I've been spotting the split ends kind of coming back, so I guess thats a good sign that I should get a complete hair cut anyway. I've been wanting to dye my hair again, hopefully aiming for a more noticeable  brown shade than before, but if its a toss up between looking nice and keeping my hair healthy, I think I'd rather save the healthiness of my hair since I've been spending ages trying to restore its general healthiness. So no with the dye for now :/

That's it for now, keep you updated later!

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