24 May 2013

Foods that I wish I liked

- Tomato
- Sashimi
- Kimchi
- Samgyeopsal
- Es Campur + Teler
- Milk tea
- Green tea icecream

23 May 2013

Future Bedroom Plan

I spent the last two days cleaning up my very messy bedroom but even when it's tidy it still looks pretty meh. So I plan to slowly change things around with my savings and the whole process should (hopefully) be completed within 1/2 year - 1 year :) It's gonna be weird showing you my room (especially to my guy followers) but at the same time I want to share the (hopefully) super amazing transformation process with you all! :)

So this is my room so far (it still looks messy, but trust me, it was way better than before lol)..

My wardrobe (left) and sister's wardrobe (right)

The so called 'desk'

Our bunk beds (okay this looks ugly so I'm gonna take another shot)

10 minutes later :D


And.. that's all 4 sides of my bedroom :)

Okay so improvements! Starting in order from the first photo

Problem #1: Sister's wardrobe (when open) is in way of bedroom door

From Ikea, it has sliding doors prevent it from getting in the way when trying to open/close bedroom door. Only problem is it can only fit clothes for one of us, so I do plan on searching around for a similar style wardrobe that's the size of me and sister's wardrobe combined.

Problem #2: Clutter on top of clothes wardrobes

Buy a storage unit with doors and put it on top of the wardrobes so that the clutter isn't visible to the eye. This one is way too small, so I'm searching for a bigger one

Problem #3: Desk = Storage Space
Solution: Similar storage unit as above but longer height

Problem #4: Frequently used clothes piled up on heater (left of desk)

Problem #5: Big pile of books under desk
Solution: Bigger book shelf (in search of a nice one)

Problem #6: Bad natural lighting
Solution: Replace blinds and sheer curtain with curtain and sheer curtain. That way when it's opened, light floods in more easily rather than through slits in the blinds, whereas the sheer curtain still ensures privacy (in search of nice one)

Problem #7: Insufficient lighting

Buy the ceiling integrated lights with brightness control (especially changing from one lightbulb to several lights you'd want to save electricity). Brightness control also helps at different times of the day. If the natural lighting in the bedroom isn't enough, the lights can be left on dim throughout the day.

And that's it for now! As for the beds I don't think there's no need to change that ^^
Although at the moment, instead of a double bed, I'm currently using a single bed with storage units / bedside table instead. I kind of wish I could have a double bed instead just for the luxury haha.
If I do decide to do that, I want to buy a small bedside table with a small storage compartment :)

Oh and I'd like a new mirror xD Maybe I can combine functions and find a sliding door clothes wardrobe with integrated mirrors! Although I actually find them really scary, especially after watching Paranormal Activity :(

All the products shown above from Ikea. And my mum wants to visit Ikea this Saturday so I'm super excited to see what these products look like in real life!

18 May 2013


Correction to my latest Toby insta post, he's was actually exactly 3 months old yesterday!
Time flies by so fast and he's already grown quite big (still very cute though) and I realise I can't even hold him in two hands anymore without struggling because he's so much heavier than before.
3 months also marks the point where he starts become a 'typical' male and.. let's just say his hormones start doing funny stuff to him.. :S We decided to slip a teddy bear into his play pen today and now they're like best friends LOL

13 May 2013


Getting packages in the mail is one of the most exciting experiences ever, especially if you've been waiting ages for it ^__^ Well today my Macbook and debit card arrived in the mail today!
I always love the feel/smell of something that's freshly opened, not just with food but with books, shoes etc. and this laptop is no exception haha. I love how thin and light it is and how it no longer makes loud noises when turning it on. It runs smoothy (for now) which I like :) Slee was right, the pixels are so much more 'crisper' and its tumblr is just so much more enhanced now :D

08 May 2013

Retreat and Life Onwards

Last week has come and gone and all I'm left with is good memories ^^
Retreat was amazing although it only went for one full day!
As you could see, the cabins rooms were beautifully furbished and we got to have pretty harbour views! Saturday involved a lot of faith strengthening but it was also an opportunity to create closer bonds within the people at church. There was also a dnm I had with the other girls on Saturday night which made get to know them more :)
The train ride back was pretty fun, asides from chatting, Aseq began busking in the train with his guitar and singing. He even got a song request and compliment from a stranger hehe.
That afternoon that I arrived back in the city from retreat, was the night church event. Tons of people came and everything went by very smoothly. I managed to sing well (although my voice accidently broke on the long hold ending note of the pre-chorus, I hope no one noticed.. lol). My testimony was horrible but oh well. Clement did so well. So did Shinta :) The documentary of the mission trip was probably the highlight, it was pretty funny at parts and really inspiring. Definitely a lot of nostalgia :)

And that was my eventful weekend! I have a feeling I missed out on something important but I don't remember..

Other news, I bought my laptop! I went for the Macbook Pro Retina :) I ordered it online last Thursday and it was meant to arrive sometime early this week if I had made an instant payment (which was what I intended to do), but my payment hasn't even been processed yet, Paypal only left me with the option of echeque (which takes approx. a week to process) and the seller cannot email it to me until it is processed =="It should be processed by tomorrow, if I'm REALLY lucky, I'll get the laptop the day after (Friday) but that's not likely, so it will most likely come early next week.
But yeah. Super excited! Really really really looking forward to it LOL
I think on my 2 hr break on Monday I will rush home just to see if its arrived hahaha

Today was also Ken's graduation ceremony, which I was really devastated that I couldn't go to ): I've never been to a close friend's graduation before, much less been to a graduation in the first place LOL
But yeah,業おめでとう!

Speaking of, I have a 5 minute Japanese conversation to present in front of the class with my friend ): I'm so nervous! I've never been good at speaking in front of crowds, and 5 minutes?! たいへんですね。。

06 May 2013

Live Below The Line - Very Badly Planned Day 1

So today I'm completely and utterly disappointed to say that I have gone waaaay past $2 in terms of meals for today, and in turn, probably have let the team down very badly - I'm so sorry team! ): 
This is what my meals consisted of today: 
Breakfast - 2 slices of toast with a thin margarine spread and two slices of ham with apple lime cordial 
Lunch - Approx. 250g of microwavable spinach and ricotta cannelloni with water and coffee 
Dinner - 420g Heinz spaghetti can with sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and apple lime cordial
I didn't have to pay for anything, but according to my mum, the cannelloni package (1.3kg) was around $8, so its probably fair enough to say that I ate more than a week's money worth of food ): 
I guess this poor diet was greatly due to the result that I didn't prepare myself properly and also didn't fully understand that the whole 'food' formed the budget even if you don't eat the whole thing i.e. I thought that if I ate a super small portion of that 1.6kg cannelloni, it would weigh up to less than $2.. but yeah I misinterpreted it. I also thought that drinks wouldn't count but.. yeah it does (besides from tap water I think). 
So to make up for today, I will donate $15 worth of food to our group, to compensate for the food I ate today. But the thing is I can only pay by echeque and that takes about a week to process (from personal experience). I did donate before the event started, on Thursday, but even that payment hasn't gone through yet. Since it was also an echeque, so I'm quite worried that it may seem to others that I haven't donated a cent to the group yet, when in fact I have.. So rest assured team, I am contributing and doing my part but it just may not physically show up till next week, when the event has already finished (sadly).. 
Anyway my plan for tomorrow is, because I already have all the ingredients for my 'intended' shopping list at home, I'm not going to shop, and use the ingredients at home instead, while 'paying' for it through another donation. All up, it will be $15 + $10 = $25 that I'm donating today on top of the $20 that I donated towards the team before the event started. That's only 1/3 of my $150 goal though :S I should start asking around for donations too! 
Well that's Day 1, signing off. 
Keep you updated on my dramatically improved Day 2!

02 May 2013

Exciting Results

For those who haven't seen my Instagram yet.. (and as promised) I will tell you my results of this 'thing' that I've been keeping a secret for a while :)

So the hint I gave out previously was that it's something I have been working on since year 11 and was finally able to accomplish today ^__^

I'll give you a final hint before announcing it..

It's white.

It's shiny.

It's red.

(no.. its not a Pokeball) xD

If you're still stuck at this level.. (but you've figured it out already, haven't you?).. One more hint, it transitioned to red FROM green (or technically yellow) :D

Exciting news to share to you all, 
Even more relieved that I got it in one attempt! xD

As a celebratory gift I'll get to have a simple inexpensive Toyota Camry 2000 to ride around in! ^^
I'm not too sure what colour it is and when I'll be getting it, but it's my dad's friend's car, so he's arranging stuff with him at the moment :) I'm kinda hoping it's either white, black or that pale gold/bronze colour, but why do I get a bad doubting feeling it will be green? xD

Eventful Week

Today's the big day that I've been counting down to! I was so nervous about it last night that I woke up in the middle of the night then fell back to sleep only to dream about 'it'. I've been raising suspense up to this moment but I don't even know if you readers will find the news as exciting and I brought it up to be! lol.
Anyhow wish me luck! I will blog the 'outcome' at around 4-5pm if I have time, otherwise definitely later on tonight ^___^

Other events I have on this week.. my church retreat is this Friday! We're going to Kiama and staying until Sunday morning! Super looking forward to it ^^ And then on Sunday evening I have my church's '1000 Miles to NTT' special event that's basically run by the youth group :D We organised it to be all related to the mission trip that we went to, back in January. There will be a documentary on a lot of the footage we took and I had a sneak peek and it was so good! My friend decided to put the footage of me speaking in Indo though, which would probably be funny for others to listen to but not so much for me :/ Anyhow.. we also prepared acoustic worship and I will be singing (not by myself though)! ^^ There will also be regular worship songs at the beginning as a pre warm up and all I can say is that it was really really powerful while the team was having rehearsal sessions. Definitely one of the highlights!

Some other unrelated (but none-the-less) exciting news is that I could be getting a new laptop soon!
I'm just wondering if I should buy it now, or wait until I save up more so that I still have savings left over when I buy it. Having a REALLY hard time choosing between these 3 Macbooks:

Yes, I actually bothered to reconstruct the comparison chart to show the important features xD

You'd think with Pro having the most greens I would choose it, but the weight is a major let down, its as heavy as my current Macbook :/ The Air's major let down is the processing power. And the Pro (Retina)'s major let down is.. you guessed it.. the price xD
I don't care too much about the memory capacity of the 3 options I chose, I know my current mac is around 120GB and that JUST fits everything, so I upgraded the Air and Pro (Retina) to the more expensive 256GB memory option. The 500GB for the Pro isn't that much of a bonus, I think most of that space would be wasted anyway lol.
Anyway so yeah! After comparison, I think I'm tied between both Pros :S Now it's only down to the weight / price xD (I need a CD drive too, so I'll probs have to buy that expensive external one -.-)