02 May 2013

Eventful Week

Today's the big day that I've been counting down to! I was so nervous about it last night that I woke up in the middle of the night then fell back to sleep only to dream about 'it'. I've been raising suspense up to this moment but I don't even know if you readers will find the news as exciting and I brought it up to be! lol.
Anyhow wish me luck! I will blog the 'outcome' at around 4-5pm if I have time, otherwise definitely later on tonight ^___^

Other events I have on this week.. my church retreat is this Friday! We're going to Kiama and staying until Sunday morning! Super looking forward to it ^^ And then on Sunday evening I have my church's '1000 Miles to NTT' special event that's basically run by the youth group :D We organised it to be all related to the mission trip that we went to, back in January. There will be a documentary on a lot of the footage we took and I had a sneak peek and it was so good! My friend decided to put the footage of me speaking in Indo though, which would probably be funny for others to listen to but not so much for me :/ Anyhow.. we also prepared acoustic worship and I will be singing (not by myself though)! ^^ There will also be regular worship songs at the beginning as a pre warm up and all I can say is that it was really really powerful while the team was having rehearsal sessions. Definitely one of the highlights!

Some other unrelated (but none-the-less) exciting news is that I could be getting a new laptop soon!
I'm just wondering if I should buy it now, or wait until I save up more so that I still have savings left over when I buy it. Having a REALLY hard time choosing between these 3 Macbooks:

Yes, I actually bothered to reconstruct the comparison chart to show the important features xD

You'd think with Pro having the most greens I would choose it, but the weight is a major let down, its as heavy as my current Macbook :/ The Air's major let down is the processing power. And the Pro (Retina)'s major let down is.. you guessed it.. the price xD
I don't care too much about the memory capacity of the 3 options I chose, I know my current mac is around 120GB and that JUST fits everything, so I upgraded the Air and Pro (Retina) to the more expensive 256GB memory option. The 500GB for the Pro isn't that much of a bonus, I think most of that space would be wasted anyway lol.
Anyway so yeah! After comparison, I think I'm tied between both Pros :S Now it's only down to the weight / price xD (I need a CD drive too, so I'll probs have to buy that expensive external one -.-)


  1. ooooooo Im saving up for a new MacBook too :)

    1. yay! which one are you planning on getting? :)

  2. GET MACBOOK PRO WITH RETINA DISPLAY! ITS GREAT! <3333 I have it aswell!! and compared to my old mac it is suuuuper light! :O

    1. woah rich kid hahaha =P
      okies i think i'll get that one! hehe
      omgsh so tempted to buy it now but then i dont gots much moneys left D:

    2. LOL psht! im not rich :P my parents bought it for me now.. i have to pay them back later =_=
      D: buy it whenever you feel financially ready :)