23 May 2013

Future Bedroom Plan

I spent the last two days cleaning up my very messy bedroom but even when it's tidy it still looks pretty meh. So I plan to slowly change things around with my savings and the whole process should (hopefully) be completed within 1/2 year - 1 year :) It's gonna be weird showing you my room (especially to my guy followers) but at the same time I want to share the (hopefully) super amazing transformation process with you all! :)

So this is my room so far (it still looks messy, but trust me, it was way better than before lol)..

My wardrobe (left) and sister's wardrobe (right)

The so called 'desk'

Our bunk beds (okay this looks ugly so I'm gonna take another shot)

10 minutes later :D


And.. that's all 4 sides of my bedroom :)

Okay so improvements! Starting in order from the first photo

Problem #1: Sister's wardrobe (when open) is in way of bedroom door

From Ikea, it has sliding doors prevent it from getting in the way when trying to open/close bedroom door. Only problem is it can only fit clothes for one of us, so I do plan on searching around for a similar style wardrobe that's the size of me and sister's wardrobe combined.

Problem #2: Clutter on top of clothes wardrobes

Buy a storage unit with doors and put it on top of the wardrobes so that the clutter isn't visible to the eye. This one is way too small, so I'm searching for a bigger one

Problem #3: Desk = Storage Space
Solution: Similar storage unit as above but longer height

Problem #4: Frequently used clothes piled up on heater (left of desk)

Problem #5: Big pile of books under desk
Solution: Bigger book shelf (in search of a nice one)

Problem #6: Bad natural lighting
Solution: Replace blinds and sheer curtain with curtain and sheer curtain. That way when it's opened, light floods in more easily rather than through slits in the blinds, whereas the sheer curtain still ensures privacy (in search of nice one)

Problem #7: Insufficient lighting

Buy the ceiling integrated lights with brightness control (especially changing from one lightbulb to several lights you'd want to save electricity). Brightness control also helps at different times of the day. If the natural lighting in the bedroom isn't enough, the lights can be left on dim throughout the day.

And that's it for now! As for the beds I don't think there's no need to change that ^^
Although at the moment, instead of a double bed, I'm currently using a single bed with storage units / bedside table instead. I kind of wish I could have a double bed instead just for the luxury haha.
If I do decide to do that, I want to buy a small bedside table with a small storage compartment :)

Oh and I'd like a new mirror xD Maybe I can combine functions and find a sliding door clothes wardrobe with integrated mirrors! Although I actually find them really scary, especially after watching Paranormal Activity :(

All the products shown above from Ikea. And my mum wants to visit Ikea this Saturday so I'm super excited to see what these products look like in real life!

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