06 May 2013

Live Below The Line - Very Badly Planned Day 1

So today I'm completely and utterly disappointed to say that I have gone waaaay past $2 in terms of meals for today, and in turn, probably have let the team down very badly - I'm so sorry team! ): 
This is what my meals consisted of today: 
Breakfast - 2 slices of toast with a thin margarine spread and two slices of ham with apple lime cordial 
Lunch - Approx. 250g of microwavable spinach and ricotta cannelloni with water and coffee 
Dinner - 420g Heinz spaghetti can with sprinkle of mozzarella cheese and apple lime cordial
I didn't have to pay for anything, but according to my mum, the cannelloni package (1.3kg) was around $8, so its probably fair enough to say that I ate more than a week's money worth of food ): 
I guess this poor diet was greatly due to the result that I didn't prepare myself properly and also didn't fully understand that the whole 'food' formed the budget even if you don't eat the whole thing i.e. I thought that if I ate a super small portion of that 1.6kg cannelloni, it would weigh up to less than $2.. but yeah I misinterpreted it. I also thought that drinks wouldn't count but.. yeah it does (besides from tap water I think). 
So to make up for today, I will donate $15 worth of food to our group, to compensate for the food I ate today. But the thing is I can only pay by echeque and that takes about a week to process (from personal experience). I did donate before the event started, on Thursday, but even that payment hasn't gone through yet. Since it was also an echeque, so I'm quite worried that it may seem to others that I haven't donated a cent to the group yet, when in fact I have.. So rest assured team, I am contributing and doing my part but it just may not physically show up till next week, when the event has already finished (sadly).. 
Anyway my plan for tomorrow is, because I already have all the ingredients for my 'intended' shopping list at home, I'm not going to shop, and use the ingredients at home instead, while 'paying' for it through another donation. All up, it will be $15 + $10 = $25 that I'm donating today on top of the $20 that I donated towards the team before the event started. That's only 1/3 of my $150 goal though :S I should start asking around for donations too! 
Well that's Day 1, signing off. 
Keep you updated on my dramatically improved Day 2!

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