08 May 2013

Retreat and Life Onwards

Last week has come and gone and all I'm left with is good memories ^^
Retreat was amazing although it only went for one full day!
As you could see, the cabins rooms were beautifully furbished and we got to have pretty harbour views! Saturday involved a lot of faith strengthening but it was also an opportunity to create closer bonds within the people at church. There was also a dnm I had with the other girls on Saturday night which made get to know them more :)
The train ride back was pretty fun, asides from chatting, Aseq began busking in the train with his guitar and singing. He even got a song request and compliment from a stranger hehe.
That afternoon that I arrived back in the city from retreat, was the night church event. Tons of people came and everything went by very smoothly. I managed to sing well (although my voice accidently broke on the long hold ending note of the pre-chorus, I hope no one noticed.. lol). My testimony was horrible but oh well. Clement did so well. So did Shinta :) The documentary of the mission trip was probably the highlight, it was pretty funny at parts and really inspiring. Definitely a lot of nostalgia :)

And that was my eventful weekend! I have a feeling I missed out on something important but I don't remember..

Other news, I bought my laptop! I went for the Macbook Pro Retina :) I ordered it online last Thursday and it was meant to arrive sometime early this week if I had made an instant payment (which was what I intended to do), but my payment hasn't even been processed yet, Paypal only left me with the option of echeque (which takes approx. a week to process) and the seller cannot email it to me until it is processed =="It should be processed by tomorrow, if I'm REALLY lucky, I'll get the laptop the day after (Friday) but that's not likely, so it will most likely come early next week.
But yeah. Super excited! Really really really looking forward to it LOL
I think on my 2 hr break on Monday I will rush home just to see if its arrived hahaha

Today was also Ken's graduation ceremony, which I was really devastated that I couldn't go to ): I've never been to a close friend's graduation before, much less been to a graduation in the first place LOL
But yeah,業おめでとう!

Speaking of, I have a 5 minute Japanese conversation to present in front of the class with my friend ): I'm so nervous! I've never been good at speaking in front of crowds, and 5 minutes?! たいへんですね。。


  1. OOO HOW EXCITING!!! :"DDD MACPRO RETINA TWINNIESSS!!! like seriously the screen display is so "crispy" looking at your old one is just shocking!!

    OooooOooo ;) ken.. kus...? ;D

    1. :O really?! i actually only bought the retina for weight / performance power, i thought retina wouldnt be much different from the older pro xD but yeah if its better than this one, def a bonus! ^__^ so excited!! ahhh i'll bring it to uni everyday lol is it super light and does it run fast?

      hahah yes xD

    2. Ooooo ya!!! The weight is actually quite great! As well as the performance!! Nooo like retina makes such a big difference xDDD YES! Well when I first got it, you could see the difference and I've never gotten the rainbow wheel

      OoooooooOOooooOOoooOOOooooOOooo nomzzzzZZzz ;)

    3. never gotten it? woahhhh
      what happens if i install the sims on it though? have you tried that?

    4. LOL i dont have the sims :( dunno, you never know if you dont try! XD