19 June 2013

Replaced My TV!

For those who have been to my house before over the past years would know I have this outdated chunky thing in my living room:

Yep, it's pretty ancient and lacks even the basic features of a common TV nowadays. Although I have to admit, the quality of image is actually comparable to a modern TV, everything is very clear and quite HD :) But you may be thinking.. why is it on the floor?

today I bought home a new TV! Well it's second-hand but 'new' none the less. I found someone advertising a standard wide flat screen TV on one of the UNSW pages for just $90 yesterday and thought it was worth it just as a bit of an upgrade from our current TV so yeah.

Of course the TV being heavy and all, I had to drive to Maroubra to pick it up, where I parked under the shopping centre. Getting the ticket from the dispenser first time was a good experience because I drove close enough to reach it but I wasn't lucky second time. wasn't close enough when I tried getting out of the parking lot.. Had to put on the brake, unbuckle my seatbelt, open the door and semi-step out the car.. you can imagine the hassle, especially if you have to rush to get back in, buckle up again and drive off, with a car behind you and a rare uncertainty if the boom gate will go down before you have time lol :/ But yeah you have to drive so close that you think you'd ride up the kerb or hit it lol, it's pretty daunting.. When I got to Kingsford, as usual found trouble finding parking and I while I was scanning for empty spots on the opposite side of the road, I ended up veered halfway on the wrong side, with incoming cars o__o They didn't beep me though, but they should've because I felt stupid for leaving my eyes straight from the road..

But anyway, so after tons of vacuuming, a sore back and hours of fixation, I managed to get the new TV up and running!

Visually the TV itself looks so cool because it's slimline and all, but the picture quality is actually way more worse than my old TV, though I think that's to do with the antenna. I think with every new TV you have to change the antenna to specifically suit it? I remember that's what my dad had to do when we replaced our box TV with another box TV lol. But to do that, you have to change it from the attic. Yeah, no I'm not going up there, I'll just wait till my dad comes back from Indo lol.

18 June 2013

Parking Update - Extremely Paranoid

10 minutes after I wrote the last post, I started getting really paranoid that I would be caught, and my 2 hrs were nearly up, so I went around the block again.. and I found parking in a good spot with no time limit!! It was the 90 degree parking which I wasn't too confident in, but there was heaps of space, so I had good buffer. But to my surprise I managed to park in one go!! There was enough space on my left side for another car to park and I also left a big enough gap between the car parked on my right side so that the door could open easily without touching the next car. It's also 80% parallel to the car beside me, which isn't too bad. This is the result (white car):

I know everything is okay now, but for some reason I'm still super paranoid anything could happen to the car (especially because it's parked out of view from my house). Like I didn't lock the car properly.. Or that someone will crash into it while parking.. Or I actually did park in another 2 hr spot.. So I'll probably check on it again after my exam today (what's wrong with me..) D: D:
But other than that, that's a pass for Day 1! ^^

'That' First Time

So today I experienced what it was like driving with a front passenger other than my dad (driving test doesn't count), as I dropped my sister off at school. I also experienced my first time driving by myself, on the way back home. I was nervous, but everything went smoothly to my relief! ^^
The only problem was.. parking D:
I was in a good parking space with no time limit, before I went to drop my sister off at school and when I came back it was taken :S So right now I'm parked in a 2 hr zone in front of my house and I need to find new parking but I went all around my block and it's all full!! I don't have a resident permit so I can't stay in the 2 hr zone ): Omgsh what do I do LOL. There is this parking a little further down my street but its 90 degree parking and I'm horrible at that without my dad.. and the car next to the parking spot has a man in it with his door wide open just reading a book.. I think he parked there on purpose because there's wide gaps on either side of him but not enough to fit a car on one of the sides =="

17 June 2013

Everything's Back!

So I posted a fb status yesterday saying I lost all my data on my phone, and as most people would feel, I felt completely devastated. Not only did I think I'd lose all my contacts (which would take hours to restore), but also my chatlogs (good for memories) and app data (I spent about $40 on in-app purchases in LINE Play lol..).
But thank God when I reinstalled whatsapp, all my contacts magically came back!! Although now I have a lot of new contacts of the same person, but consisting solely on their email address or bday. Also when I reinstalled LINE Play my data was there because it's connected to my LINE account! Yay ^^ One thing I had to start from scratch was my saved routes on TripView (I have about 10 routes on there) but I admit it was kinda fun starting that over again. There was only one thing that I thought I majorly lost and that was my chat logs ): This sounds kinda cheesy but I always like looking back at past things (even if most of my 'past self' is so embarrassing lol). I think I actually still have my live messenger chats saved on my old desktop dating back to years ago! I'll definitely go through those once my exams finish :) But anyway, I went on my laptop this morning to check my iMessage and to my surprise, (not all) but the most significant chat log was saved here!! It only dates back to last month but I think that's already enough =) As for media (photos) I only had 5 photos on my phone anyway, thankfully I did a major clean up a few days ago and copied it all to my laptop!
I think I'm finally at peace that I didn't lose anything much. ^^

On a sidenote my dad just left the house a few mins ago, he won't be back for 2 weeks because he's going to Indo. Bye dad! :')
Which leaves me with the car.............. hmm.

16 June 2013

New Bias!

I think SM ent has an eye for good looking people because I just found my next bias from SM!
There are so many baby faces in EXO-K!! I wish I could say the same for EXO-M but I only found 2-3 of the members attractive :(
It's actually hard to choose which one I like best hahahah
When EXO first debuted I thought they looked too feminine but.. Kai is REALLY good looking and I'm starting to take a liking to him, although in Wolf I don't like his hairstyle. I have to admit, he's more good looking than Changmin but no one I know so far can top Changmin's vocals :)
And he's so young! As most K-Pop artists are lol. Born same year as me, but early in January so he's already 19! ^^

I haven't gone all stalkerish yet and watched vids of him being funny/on variety shows/being cute etc. etc. like i did with changmin but i have a feeling once i do, he'll overtake changmin as my top bias xD

If it wasn't Kai, I might chose ChanYeol, Baekhyun, SuHo or D.O (in that order)

I also think minho from SHINee is rly good looking, so he's currently 3rd on my list. He is so bad at aegyo though, either he's just super bad at it, or it doesnt suit his image at all LOL.
From SNSD Yuri is my favourite and it comes as no surprise that I'm currenty shipping MinYul (Minho and Yuri). They look cute together! I watched vids on their moments and I can see a good chemistry going on between them.
Anyway why am I ranting on k-pop lol. I think EXO is starting to make me like k-pop again -.-

15 June 2013

iOS 7 Beta!

I know this is super risky and has bugs but I installed it anyway!
So far it actually works great with noticeable lag, but my phone lagged in the first place anyway (with only 8Gb memory) so I don't really mind. I haven't tested all my third party apps yet like Facebook etc. but if any of the apps didn't work I shouldn't be disappointed because I expect it not to be perfect anyway.
Other than the lag, I'm really happy with it so far! :D

If you're willing to take the plunge with me too, you can watch a vid on how to do it here:


Healthy Winter Season Goal

I made myself a goal for this Winter not to get sick! (or at least try not to) :D
At first I just made a goal to not get the cold during exam period but with the progress going really well so far, I've decided to try go a step further :)
The thing is my mum and sister have colds right now and my sister is starting to get worse with her cold, she just had gentle coughs and piles of tissues yesterday and today it's those loud phlegmy coughs. There's this annoying thing where I always tend to catch her cold JUST as she is getting better ==" I think it's because I spend the first week weeks being super careful around her but it gets so tiring having to always be careful that when it looks like she's starting to get better, I loosen up a bit and get pretty careless with trying to 'avoid' her germs.
But anyhow, so far, so good! :)
I've spent the past few weeks trying really hard not to get the sniffles by washing and sanitising my hands whenever there's a chance, eating heaps of mandarins, drinking plenty of hot drinks/soups, avoiding touching my face, gargling with warm salt water and taking immune system boosting gummies. Occasionally I take Redoxon (those dissolvable Vitamin C tablets).
I just need to keep this up for a few months and my goal will be accomplished! :)

12 June 2013

バースデイ ケ-キ Birthday Cake

A few days ago at a family gathering, my cousin bought his mum a watermelon cake for her birthday and it looked sooo pretty with the layers, glossiness and edible flower petals. And the taste was super amazing! I regret not taking a photo so I could show you guys, but luckily I found a photo from the place where my cousin got it from!

02 June 2013


No, I didn't go to the concert sadly (and with the cnblue hype that's still going on, I'm starting to really regret not going.. lol). But a few weeks ago, one of my friends from church showed me a photo of the hotel reservation list with their names on it! (she works at the hotel that they're staying at). If they're rumoured to staying until the 10th of June, I really really want to bump into them.. D:
Ahhhh why didn't I go T_T

01 June 2013

Special For Readers!

As a small thank you for anyone following my blog, I've decided to let you all in on the song cover I recorded today, before the facebook crowd find out :)
Actually I'm not too sure if I want to upload this anywhere else, once you watch the video I think you'll know why.. my pace of playing is so slow it's frustrating, even for me to listen to lol. You'll constantly hear me 'attempting' to keep up with the song especially at the chorus. If I'm bothered I will practise and record an improved version to put on youtube another time, but yeah I'm usually to lazy to record again hahaha. But anyway I love this song, it's so catchy! Hope you like it :)

Random trivia: I haven't bought my guitar strap yet, so that white thing holding my guitar up is actually my old karate white belt! hahaha. I know I shouldn't be cutting holes in it, but it's not very memorable anymore anyway, to be honest.. it's already slightly discoloured from sweat LOL (sorry too much info hahaha) but yeah! It's surprisingly very sturdy :)