17 June 2013

Everything's Back!

So I posted a fb status yesterday saying I lost all my data on my phone, and as most people would feel, I felt completely devastated. Not only did I think I'd lose all my contacts (which would take hours to restore), but also my chatlogs (good for memories) and app data (I spent about $40 on in-app purchases in LINE Play lol..).
But thank God when I reinstalled whatsapp, all my contacts magically came back!! Although now I have a lot of new contacts of the same person, but consisting solely on their email address or bday. Also when I reinstalled LINE Play my data was there because it's connected to my LINE account! Yay ^^ One thing I had to start from scratch was my saved routes on TripView (I have about 10 routes on there) but I admit it was kinda fun starting that over again. There was only one thing that I thought I majorly lost and that was my chat logs ): This sounds kinda cheesy but I always like looking back at past things (even if most of my 'past self' is so embarrassing lol). I think I actually still have my live messenger chats saved on my old desktop dating back to years ago! I'll definitely go through those once my exams finish :) But anyway, I went on my laptop this morning to check my iMessage and to my surprise, (not all) but the most significant chat log was saved here!! It only dates back to last month but I think that's already enough =) As for media (photos) I only had 5 photos on my phone anyway, thankfully I did a major clean up a few days ago and copied it all to my laptop!
I think I'm finally at peace that I didn't lose anything much. ^^

On a sidenote my dad just left the house a few mins ago, he won't be back for 2 weeks because he's going to Indo. Bye dad! :')
Which leaves me with the car.............. hmm.

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