15 June 2013

Healthy Winter Season Goal

I made myself a goal for this Winter not to get sick! (or at least try not to) :D
At first I just made a goal to not get the cold during exam period but with the progress going really well so far, I've decided to try go a step further :)
The thing is my mum and sister have colds right now and my sister is starting to get worse with her cold, she just had gentle coughs and piles of tissues yesterday and today it's those loud phlegmy coughs. There's this annoying thing where I always tend to catch her cold JUST as she is getting better ==" I think it's because I spend the first week weeks being super careful around her but it gets so tiring having to always be careful that when it looks like she's starting to get better, I loosen up a bit and get pretty careless with trying to 'avoid' her germs.
But anyhow, so far, so good! :)
I've spent the past few weeks trying really hard not to get the sniffles by washing and sanitising my hands whenever there's a chance, eating heaps of mandarins, drinking plenty of hot drinks/soups, avoiding touching my face, gargling with warm salt water and taking immune system boosting gummies. Occasionally I take Redoxon (those dissolvable Vitamin C tablets).
I just need to keep this up for a few months and my goal will be accomplished! :)

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