15 June 2013

iOS 7 Beta!

I know this is super risky and has bugs but I installed it anyway!
So far it actually works great with noticeable lag, but my phone lagged in the first place anyway (with only 8Gb memory) so I don't really mind. I haven't tested all my third party apps yet like Facebook etc. but if any of the apps didn't work I shouldn't be disappointed because I expect it not to be perfect anyway.
Other than the lag, I'm really happy with it so far! :D

If you're willing to take the plunge with me too, you can watch a vid on how to do it here:



  1. LOLL EMILY! was it worth it! ahaha it comes out kinda soon ish!

  2. ahaha actually i jinxed myself, 10 mins after writing this post, i tested out my photo collage app and i had to restart my phone hahaha xD
    but idk im impatient, so for me i reckon its worth it haha ^^

  3. If only I still had an iPhone u_u

  4. :O what phone do you have now?
    i actually reverted back to the older iOS, maybe its better to just be patient and wait until the final official version comes out xD