16 June 2013

New Bias!

I think SM ent has an eye for good looking people because I just found my next bias from SM!
There are so many baby faces in EXO-K!! I wish I could say the same for EXO-M but I only found 2-3 of the members attractive :(
It's actually hard to choose which one I like best hahahah
When EXO first debuted I thought they looked too feminine but.. Kai is REALLY good looking and I'm starting to take a liking to him, although in Wolf I don't like his hairstyle. I have to admit, he's more good looking than Changmin but no one I know so far can top Changmin's vocals :)
And he's so young! As most K-Pop artists are lol. Born same year as me, but early in January so he's already 19! ^^

I haven't gone all stalkerish yet and watched vids of him being funny/on variety shows/being cute etc. etc. like i did with changmin but i have a feeling once i do, he'll overtake changmin as my top bias xD

If it wasn't Kai, I might chose ChanYeol, Baekhyun, SuHo or D.O (in that order)

I also think minho from SHINee is rly good looking, so he's currently 3rd on my list. He is so bad at aegyo though, either he's just super bad at it, or it doesnt suit his image at all LOL.
From SNSD Yuri is my favourite and it comes as no surprise that I'm currenty shipping MinYul (Minho and Yuri). They look cute together! I watched vids on their moments and I can see a good chemistry going on between them.
Anyway why am I ranting on k-pop lol. I think EXO is starting to make me like k-pop again -.-

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