18 June 2013

Parking Update - Extremely Paranoid

10 minutes after I wrote the last post, I started getting really paranoid that I would be caught, and my 2 hrs were nearly up, so I went around the block again.. and I found parking in a good spot with no time limit!! It was the 90 degree parking which I wasn't too confident in, but there was heaps of space, so I had good buffer. But to my surprise I managed to park in one go!! There was enough space on my left side for another car to park and I also left a big enough gap between the car parked on my right side so that the door could open easily without touching the next car. It's also 80% parallel to the car beside me, which isn't too bad. This is the result (white car):

I know everything is okay now, but for some reason I'm still super paranoid anything could happen to the car (especially because it's parked out of view from my house). Like I didn't lock the car properly.. Or that someone will crash into it while parking.. Or I actually did park in another 2 hr spot.. So I'll probably check on it again after my exam today (what's wrong with me..) D: D:
But other than that, that's a pass for Day 1! ^^

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