18 June 2013

'That' First Time

So today I experienced what it was like driving with a front passenger other than my dad (driving test doesn't count), as I dropped my sister off at school. I also experienced my first time driving by myself, on the way back home. I was nervous, but everything went smoothly to my relief! ^^
The only problem was.. parking D:
I was in a good parking space with no time limit, before I went to drop my sister off at school and when I came back it was taken :S So right now I'm parked in a 2 hr zone in front of my house and I need to find new parking but I went all around my block and it's all full!! I don't have a resident permit so I can't stay in the 2 hr zone ): Omgsh what do I do LOL. There is this parking a little further down my street but its 90 degree parking and I'm horrible at that without my dad.. and the car next to the parking spot has a man in it with his door wide open just reading a book.. I think he parked there on purpose because there's wide gaps on either side of him but not enough to fit a car on one of the sides =="

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