19 June 2013

Replaced My TV!

For those who have been to my house before over the past years would know I have this outdated chunky thing in my living room:

Yep, it's pretty ancient and lacks even the basic features of a common TV nowadays. Although I have to admit, the quality of image is actually comparable to a modern TV, everything is very clear and quite HD :) But you may be thinking.. why is it on the floor?

today I bought home a new TV! Well it's second-hand but 'new' none the less. I found someone advertising a standard wide flat screen TV on one of the UNSW pages for just $90 yesterday and thought it was worth it just as a bit of an upgrade from our current TV so yeah.

Of course the TV being heavy and all, I had to drive to Maroubra to pick it up, where I parked under the shopping centre. Getting the ticket from the dispenser first time was a good experience because I drove close enough to reach it but I wasn't lucky second time. wasn't close enough when I tried getting out of the parking lot.. Had to put on the brake, unbuckle my seatbelt, open the door and semi-step out the car.. you can imagine the hassle, especially if you have to rush to get back in, buckle up again and drive off, with a car behind you and a rare uncertainty if the boom gate will go down before you have time lol :/ But yeah you have to drive so close that you think you'd ride up the kerb or hit it lol, it's pretty daunting.. When I got to Kingsford, as usual found trouble finding parking and I while I was scanning for empty spots on the opposite side of the road, I ended up veered halfway on the wrong side, with incoming cars o__o They didn't beep me though, but they should've because I felt stupid for leaving my eyes straight from the road..

But anyway, so after tons of vacuuming, a sore back and hours of fixation, I managed to get the new TV up and running!

Visually the TV itself looks so cool because it's slimline and all, but the picture quality is actually way more worse than my old TV, though I think that's to do with the antenna. I think with every new TV you have to change the antenna to specifically suit it? I remember that's what my dad had to do when we replaced our box TV with another box TV lol. But to do that, you have to change it from the attic. Yeah, no I'm not going up there, I'll just wait till my dad comes back from Indo lol.


  1. WHOAAAA! All your blog posts sound so adult like mow

  2. ooo not rly, but i feel more independent now xD