01 June 2013

Special For Readers!

As a small thank you for anyone following my blog, I've decided to let you all in on the song cover I recorded today, before the facebook crowd find out :)
Actually I'm not too sure if I want to upload this anywhere else, once you watch the video I think you'll know why.. my pace of playing is so slow it's frustrating, even for me to listen to lol. You'll constantly hear me 'attempting' to keep up with the song especially at the chorus. If I'm bothered I will practise and record an improved version to put on youtube another time, but yeah I'm usually to lazy to record again hahaha. But anyway I love this song, it's so catchy! Hope you like it :)

Random trivia: I haven't bought my guitar strap yet, so that white thing holding my guitar up is actually my old karate white belt! hahaha. I know I shouldn't be cutting holes in it, but it's not very memorable anymore anyway, to be honest.. it's already slightly discoloured from sweat LOL (sorry too much info hahaha) but yeah! It's surprisingly very sturdy :)

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