29 July 2013

Sem 2 - First Day

I won't talk too much about this because I made myself an aim to try to keep blog posts less school orientated and more interesting for you all, with reviews, dramas and what not :)
Is it working? Do you guys find it more interesting to read? Let me know what I should talk more/less about in the comments! :)

But anyway I only had 2 classes today, first one was Jap 1B and can I tell you that the class size (compared to Jap 1A) has dramatically dropped by like 75%, the class has shrunken so much now! If there was 400 students in 1A, theres now 100 students in 1B haha.  But its most likely because most people took 1A as a general elective. I mean who doesnt want to learn a language to fill credit space? xD I met someone new called Patty, at first impression I thought she was Korean but she's actually Chinese (international student in her 3rd year, graduating in 2 semesters)!
I probably made a really bad impression though, when we introduced ourselves in Jap I couldn't hear her name properly so whenever we had to converse in Jap, I avoided saying her name. Then there were conversation lines that involved speaking each other's name so I had to ask her for her name lol. 5 minutes later we're asked to speak to each other again, and I forgot her name (so embarrasing) so from the top of my head I called her 'Bekki' but I mumbled it so much, hoping she wouldn't catch it lol. In an effort not to embarrass myself again, I asked if we could add each other on fb, hoping I'd get to see her typing her name in the search bar on fb. She used her account instead and got me to write my name. At first I panicked because I couldn't see her name anywhere, but I ended up seeing it!
Sigh.. I have the worst memory with names/birthdays. EVER. -__-"
But yeah anyway, I'm excited that I made a new friend on the first day. Feels good that people seem to find me approachable hehe xD

Then I had PSYC1011 and managed to find my friend Aisha from Jap! :D Unlike Jap, the students for this course seemed exactly the same as last sem. Seems like psyc is really popular lol. After class we got to hang for about an hour and a half. I really liked it ^__^

Since I was done for the day, I went on an outing with Joy and the rest, to the city to have lunch and go to karaoke (which I havent gone to.. for AGES!) I met someone new called Irene, who happens to be doing Jap as well, but in Macquarie. The outing was fun, especially since we havent seen each other since hols practically started lol. We sung for about 3 hours I think, majority English but we spared half an hr for Kpop and Jpop.
I feel so proud that I can read some Japanese, though I tried singing a Jap song and it didnt work out. But I feel so excited because once I improve in reading Jap really fast, I can start singing songs in K! Can't wait for that day to come =P

Anyway to end this post, while we were hanging in QVB, I saw this jacket that looked so nice! It's really expensive though, but I'm considering buying it.. maybe? haha. It looks so much better in real life, but heres a pic:

It reminds me of those green parkas.. except in a pretty baby blue colour! And in real life, the jacket suits a soft flowy image perfectly (reminds you of those fresh light white linen sheets you find on hotel beds). It may not look like it in the pic but it is! :) Anyhow, its from Seed and its $150.
Pricey but I guess it doesnt hurt to try having one valuable piece in my wardrobe right? :D

Edit: Apparently the term 'anorak' is actually used to describe this style of jacket! With that in mind, I actually managed to find more cheaper options:

^ kind of more of a diff look altogether in terms of colour, but I love the zipper detailing on the back collar!

22 July 2013

New Favourite Fashion/Makeup Guru!

I found a new favourite fashion/makeup guru called Kim Dao, after searching up a natural Japanese makeup tutorial. She's really pretty, the fashion she posts is really cute and her blog posts are really interesting. After seeing her post of her trip in Japan it made me less patient to go on exchange there :(

I realise most of the fashion she wears is from Liz Lisa which is typically really feminine and asian. Lately my fashion has been Western and plain/simple but I feel like I'm being influenced to be more feminine again haha. Problem is asian fashion here is so expensive since its mainly imported :/
But yeah we'll see :D I actually don't like having an overly feminine image, although I used to like it in the past, nowadays I'm more of the type of girl that likes being seen as 'one of the guys' - that way I feel that guys are more comfortable around having me as just someone to hang around with rather than someone they have to be polite/self-conscious around.

Anyway back to Kim, I heard she visited the anime expo in LA and was helping out with the Liz Lisa popup store there! She posted something about near the end of last year about Liz Lisa coming to Sydney but it was very vague and a long time ago so I don't even know if I missed it already lol. 
Since she studies in Perth (at first I assumed she lived in America) do you think she'll come down to Syd for the anime expo? :O Even better, do you think there will be a Liz Lisa popup store there? I highly doubt it though, its not on the list of vendors that will be there :(

Speaking of anime expos, I've been meaning to go to one since ages ago - do you guys remember the post I wrote ages ago on cosplay outfits I wanted to wear? And yeah the tickets are only $29 at the moment, so cheap! I probably won't cosplay since SMASH is actually sooner than I thought on 10 Aug, plus I want to buy merchandise even if its super expensive lol. Ahhh I haven't even asked anyone to go with me at the moment, but I want to buy a ticket now anyway! xD I guess I can always just give it to someone else if I find out I can't go? Does anyone want to go with me?! It'll be my first anime expo ever, plus its at Darling Harbour convention centre, super convenient location!! :D

Anyway I should probably study now T__T
Useful Links: 

And a screenshot from my favourite youtube vid from her:

21 July 2013

Last Episode!

AHHH the last episode of イタズラなKiss is finally out!!
I'm so excited to watch it!!
15 eps have already passed and the two main characters arent even together yet! LOL
Ep 15 ended on a really sad note so I have confidence that there will be a complete turn around in the final one xD


So I just finished watching the final episode and OMGSH its SO rushed but somehow it didnt disappoint!! they fit so much cute moments in one episode =P
The look on Irie-kun's face about what he just realised, when it starts raining at that moment, and the background music (for once) all fit together so perfectly, my eyes became watery at this part :')
And then 'the' moment (that everyone watching the drama anticipated for) was so 'awwwww' xD
My favourite line: "You don't need to count anymore"
The towel part was pretty cute too!! ^^
Lastly, the look on Irie-kun's face when she walked through the door, it looked like he was gonna lose his sh-- and gulped, but then was like in his head, 'omgsh gotta keep calm', that expression was really cute xD

Ahhh seeing as this drama JUST finished airing, it would mean I have to wait so long before they make a second season, and if they even make a second season, which I really really hope they do, like with ISWAK 2 :) But yeah ahhhh I wont know for sure until news comes up about the production of it xD

I really really want to post all the stills of the cute moments but I tried to make this post as spoiler-free as possible for anyone who wants to watch it. If you are watching it, let me know!! I feel like talking about it with someone hahaha ^^

18 July 2013

イタズラな Kiss (New Japanese Remake)

The past few days have been a mix of studying and watching dramas xD
I was considering re-watching the Taiwanese It Started With A Kiss drama online since the last time I watched it was ages ago on DVD (as usual, with dodgy subtitles), but while I was searching through nostalgic images last time I saw the drama, I came across what seemed like a new Japanese remake called イタズラな Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo, though I didn't know exactly how new it was, I decided to watch that one instead. Little did I know, it's so recent that the recording of episodes is currently still ongoing! I didn't even realise it until halfway through watching the drama, where I decided to look up how many episodes I had left to watch xD

The drama is about an 'opposites attract' kind of love relationship where an unintelligent but optimistic high school girl called Kotoko falls in love with the smartest and most handsome but 'cold' guy called Naoki (better known as Irie-kun).
I would explain it in further detail but if you watch the first episode, you should already get what the drama will be about ^^

There were a few disappointments that I found with this new remake:
- Personally I found Kotoko's actress a bit too optimistic and uncomfortably awkward around Irie-kun, I would've liked if she was a little bit more serious lol. She's pretty though, and you have to admit, she suits her character very well.
- The soundtrack for the drama is also not that great.
- Overall I would've liked if the drama was a little more serious when it needed to be. I mean even in serious scenes like rushing someone to hospital, you still get a sense of happiness/comedic atmosphere?

Regardless of the cons, there's a reason why this drama, adapted from the original manga, has so many remakes (2 Japanese, 1 Taiwanese and 1 Korean)! The storyline is interesting and although it follows the storyline of most typical dramas, you always can't help feeling really happy when there's cute moments between the two characters xD

I was quietly incredibly happy at the ending of Episode 10, I totally didn't expect 'that' hahahaha

As usual some screenshots to end this post :)

Something really strange on a sidenote, when I first saw the lead male actor in the drama, one of my friends came to mind, because they somehow look similar (don't know if it was the eyes or jawline). I only met them once or twice and it was years ago though.
Anyway, I watched an episode of this drama before heading out to borrow books from a library. When I went out of the library I saw that friend!! o__o I didn't have the courage to say hi to him because I was really stunned a little bit. Coincidentally we also caught the same bus lol
Can't help but think its funny for something like that to happen xD

Aquarium [Picture Heavy]

Yesterday I got a chance to catch up with my friend from my Japanese course and I got to go to the Sealife Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour! Some of the photos I took were because the lighting in the tank was really pretty :)

16 July 2013

Semester 1 Performance

The results for the Semester 1 final exams have been released!
How did everyone go?
As expected, I didn't do that well, but at least I passed and I'm happy with that.
2 passes and 1 credit! Chem is still recorded as 'WD' (result not finalised) so its all up to my supplementary exam to determine the end result. I have to study hard! Does that mean my WAM could change as well? I didn't get the figure I wanted, so I hope that if I work hard, it can increase instead of fall :)

12 July 2013

Proposal Daisakusen

Today I finished watching Proposal Daisakusen!
For those who haven't heard of it before, it's a Japanese drama about a guy (Ken) who is in love with his childhood friend (Rei) but because he never got the courage to confess his feelings to her, she ends up marrying someone else (Tada). During Rei and Tada's wedding's slideshow at the reception, time freezes and a fairy gives Ken a chance to go back in time to each of the photos in the slideshow and try and fix what went wrong between him and Rei, hopefully so he ends being able to marry her instead.

I liked this drama as I like most Japanese dramas, because there's always usually an innocent protagonist that makes cute gestures towards the other character ^^
This drama also made me laugh a lot, its really funny xD

My favourite part is in episode 4, [How Rei really wants Ken's second button on his uniform during their graduation. Unfortunately he loses it but to make up for it, surprises her with a special/meaningful personal graduation ceremony and a really 'special' gift in her scroll container (in Japanese culture, because students wear their uniform for such a long time, the second button on a guy's uniform is rumoured to contain their 'heart' because it is the button closest to their heart)]

I also thought episode 5 was particularly cute, [The way how the kiss was brought up and also about visiting Rei's grandpa for the last time]

* Highlight the text in between the brackets to reveal spoilers

The bonus episode after the final episode was surprising because I expected it to be a happy ending and that's it, but they threw in some more interesting events :) If it ended in the final 11th episode I actually would have been pretty disappointed, as it was pretty awkward. So I'm glad they included that bonus episode because it gives so much more depth :)

Overall I really liked this drama and I'd recommend it ^^

10 July 2013

0 Effort = 0 Results

The following post is an embarrassment to myself and my intellect.. but at the same time, I'm publishing this as a punishment and reflection and motivation not to slack off -.-"

Absolutely certain that I failed my chem final exams, I kept asking myself during the hols, "Is it really possible to fail a bridging course?" And today I checked my uni mail, and as I expected, I found out I really did fail :( I did extremely well in my labs and even made the effort to stay behind to keep learning more, but my non-evident effort in chem tutes and absence in many chem lectures dragged me down.. to a fail.
But there's hope! Along with the email message was an invitation to attend a supplementary exam on the 25th of July. I guess they really want me to pass huh..
I have a work shift on that day too, so I have to go through the hassle of cancelling that as well :/

Anyway, on the bright side, I got my results for psychology back and they're in the 80's so that's pretty good! Only problem is nearly everyone did as well as me in the exam, pushing my rank to the bottom 50% T.T

I don't know why I dared to slack off in first sem of uni :/ I guess the thought of having to compete with super smart international students made me want to give up so easily. No wonder I hear local uni students saying they're happy enough with a credit average.
Well anyhow.. I'm not sure what I should do now except study for chem and hope for the best!

08 July 2013

Lazy Home Days

Have you ever noticed that when you're trying to avoid something boring like homework, leisure activities are 10x more fun and you're dying for hols to start, but when it's actually the hols you have absolutely nothing to do? ahhh its so annoying! ):
For the first time, I'm actually stressed during the hols because I know I should actually be studying to catch up on everything for next sem, but I'm not, and I'm pretty screwed for next sem's classes lol

Flu-Free Winter

Starting from a few weeks before the Semester 1 exam finals, I've been striving to keep a goal to stay flu-free for what was at first just during the exam period but because it went so well, I extended it to the entire winter season. Before the exams, both my mum and sister had the cold + exam rooms were full of sick people, so it was really challenging :S But I managed to pull through! So I've been absolutely fine.. until last week, where.. my dad got the cold =___= I'm pretty frustrated because I have to be so aware when a family member is sick, like purposely avoid being near them, avoiding touching shared surfaces (hard when there's door handles and taps), avoiding touching my face, sanitising my hands frequently.. I've already tried hard and succeeded with my mum and sister, why do I have to start the process over again T_T My nose is very slightly runny, I really feel like giving up, but then again I could stop it before it gets worse maybe? Sigh..

05 July 2013

New Job!

I know this is sudden news, but I got a new job as a dental assistant / receptionist! :D
It was actually just 2 days ago that my dad even told me about the job in the first place, yesterday that I went to go visit the workplace to enquire about the job, and today that I worked my first full shift!
Basically they train you on the job but they expect you to learn everything REALLY FAST. The other assistant that was with me told I was lucky that I'd be getting a few days to learn the gist of it, because when she started out, she was only given half a day to remember it all o__o

So basically my duties for the day included setting up dental trays for every appointment, sitting beside the dentist using the suction to remove excess saliva from the patient's mouth and also handing him any tools he needs while at the same time taking down notes of everything he is doing to the patient.
I barely touched the reception today, other than being given an overview of how to process medical insurance claims and whatnot.

Overall an interesting/cool job with good pay ^^
I'm kind of hesitant to stick around though, there's so much responsibilities and I'm not used to it lol