10 July 2013

0 Effort = 0 Results

The following post is an embarrassment to myself and my intellect.. but at the same time, I'm publishing this as a punishment and reflection and motivation not to slack off -.-"

Absolutely certain that I failed my chem final exams, I kept asking myself during the hols, "Is it really possible to fail a bridging course?" And today I checked my uni mail, and as I expected, I found out I really did fail :( I did extremely well in my labs and even made the effort to stay behind to keep learning more, but my non-evident effort in chem tutes and absence in many chem lectures dragged me down.. to a fail.
But there's hope! Along with the email message was an invitation to attend a supplementary exam on the 25th of July. I guess they really want me to pass huh..
I have a work shift on that day too, so I have to go through the hassle of cancelling that as well :/

Anyway, on the bright side, I got my results for psychology back and they're in the 80's so that's pretty good! Only problem is nearly everyone did as well as me in the exam, pushing my rank to the bottom 50% T.T

I don't know why I dared to slack off in first sem of uni :/ I guess the thought of having to compete with super smart international students made me want to give up so easily. No wonder I hear local uni students saying they're happy enough with a credit average.
Well anyhow.. I'm not sure what I should do now except study for chem and hope for the best!

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